How would u link ultra after this combo?

wish i could finish this combo with ultra
how would u do it?
need help plz


you cant? unless you change the last bnb section to mp, KKK, ultra. and it would only work in the courner(like in the link) but after that spesific combo, you cant. why would you want to btw? dmg scaling sets in HARD. no point in using ultra there unless you feel like beeing flashy and getting like 10 dmg.

You could probably make the Ultra work after the (KKK) regardless of corner but I think 1) it depends on the character and 2) timing is very very strict. I think characters like Blanka that ‘seem’ to fall down faster makes it pretty much impossible. And yeah the damage you get in the end pretty much makes it all moot…

Ive made a chart earlier, it would work on balrog, gouken and I think seth, but balrog would be the only easy one. because the timing is strict when you’re that far away, unless you drop the mp :stuck_out_tongue: but still, timing would be strict. (with close it works on almost everyone, its just insane timing, but balrog is easy)

like this;


You can also do;

…mk-hands, FADC (kkk), standing jab, cr.short, cr. short, Crane Ultra. Corner only!

If not in the corner, the Gekiro/ultra is the best finish. Doesn’t work on everyone, but it does work on most of the cast. And its not how you would suspect. I.E. it doesnt work on Cammy, but it’s easiest against Honda. go figure! I believe it has to do with the arch of their fall. Cammy falls away from you and Honda falls straight down. Cammy is easy to get cr. short to (ppp) ultra. Just as easy as Rog IMO.

really? I think cammy is quite hard, not that I play alot of cammys. but when I tried everyone out in training mode.

I have 2 videos on youtube:



But the ultra does shit damage, its not practical.