How would you buff the low tiers?

RIP this thread. Trolled to death.

heavier weights

with lower reps

They should take out double motions and parrys, I feel like doing yangs slashes should also be like Abel, it’s just a real annoyance to have to do double motions constantly. I also think Sean should be able to use the basket ball like a knife, like Cody from SSF4, he should be able to roll cancel moves instantly at 10x of current speed to be able to combo a thrown basketball. He should also wear a #24 jersey and wear a finger splint in honor of Kobe Bryant. Alex should get sonic booms and flash kick and Remy should easily get Geneijin.

Just my two cents.

I got one:

Sean: every time you pick him, the cursor automatically moves you to Ken. there, easy buff

Seans roll should be 50x speed and be a knockdown like bisons slide.

I wont be surprised if they add that in the 4th strike hack. XD

Yun can only use Seans SA1

Sean can only use Yuns SA3


Thanks for the input trolls.

Necro’s THAT low? Hugo stayed that high?!?! WOWsers, haha. I’d say, give Necro 2 SAIs :bgrin:

Hugo sucks. hes too fat and slow. I wish I can play a good hugo because I never came across one.

And Q is noway 2nd lowest. That man is a beast if used right. Switch him up with Hugo and bring Ibuki and Necro up the list.

Give Sean 2 small SA2’s and a faster DP.

LOL. I SWEAR, I know exactly when Hugo moved up like that in the tiers. It was around the time of those Gods’ Garden matches from last year. I think it was YSB destroying Kens (they seemed pretty good when they would beat him!) and other players.

Q’s a ROBOT :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah: when TM or someone else really good uses him right, he’s a machine :slight_smile: I thought he was BETTER than Hugo, but, EH, Hugo has a FEW decent match-ups…doesn’t he? Elena, Sean, Q, Alex…?! I think Makoto is NOT that bad. I don’t think Dudley’s that bad. He’s such a big target, so it’s hard to avoid attacks. I think Gouki, Ken, Yang, Ibuki, Remy, and Necro are his worst match-ups.

Sean needs a DP with more reach again. His old DP PWNED! WHAT a bitchsmack!

Someone ban Louiscipher.

Killer Scout, Hakiru and WhoWeAre were decent Hugos from the 2DF days. Sounds like you missed out! Probably wasn’t worth playing vs Denjin with that amount of input lag though.

Instant throws would beef up Hugo and Alex a bunch. I really dislike start-up time on throws…

I think Hugo should be given Chuns MK kara and the ability to throw bananas from the hanging bananas on his stage. Yun should also be able to throw his skateboard as a projectile.

What is the best donut I was thinking jelly filled?

:confused::confused: Lololololololololololololol.

ibuki should have a command grab that gives you a kiss that lowers your defenses to a point where you can’t block since shes so irresistible.

Afaik, Ibuki’s taunt only works if you grab someone with it, and it’s too damned-vulnerable even when you do connect it. A defense or offense boost would be great IF her taunt had more set-ups.