How would you describe yourself as a player?


Everyone obviously has their own personality when it comes to HDR. Some people are generous but ruthless players, others are pompous and rub everything in their opponents face. What about you?

Me? I can be pretty egotistical. When I do a close win or something flashy that’s has people saying “DAYYYYUUUMMMM”, I can’t help but laugh with a big smile, and act like a big shot.

I’m normally a pretty silent loser. If I get beat, I get frustrated at myself. I’ll usually be like “Fuck!”, or “Son of a…”, but again, I always curse myself for not doing the right thing.

In the end though, I normally do just enjoy laughing and talking a lot. When I’m with friends, winning and losing doesn’t mean much. Its all just a bunch of us enjoying the game just waiting to get excited over that clutch moment. :china:


As a player, I strive to be humble and easy-going, but…let’s face it…I’m a combo-maniac, so if I land a big combo, I tend to celebrate based on how well I know the person I’m playing. I can even remember playing Yun in SF3:NG and doing Bruce Lee-type kiais during all of my attacks.

Win or lose, I usually say “Good game” and find something to complement the other player’s game on. If I lose because I gave the game away, though, I can get a little frustrated. My worst enemy is myself, not the person I’m playing…unless they’re the guys that run this website. :slight_smile:


I don’t have a functional way to get a microphone to work at the moment so i can’t communicate alot but i am fairly laid back and maybe a bit modest.

I tend to get annoyed at myself when i lose since i always feel i could have won if i just tried harder (maybe i should play t-hawk).

If it’s people i tend to play with i don’t really mind losing and tend to try stupid and risky things just to see if i can pull them of.

One example which i still remember and laugh about was when i play TKN boosted my Vega vs his Zangief.

I had a slight life lead and the timer was at 20 seconds remaining.

I was doing :lp: wallclaw over his head whenever he caught up to me and just backflipped away.

Timer is at 02 seconds remaing. I wallclaw and he airthrows out of the wallclaw just as the time runs out and wins.

The entire room just went crazy me included.

Fun memories. :smokin:


I look at Street Fighter as one big puzzle game, and not a fighting game. To me, the puzzles are the players I’m fighting against, and the fun is trying to figure out what makes each person tick, then trying to completely break that down. And if there’s something a person finds irritating, I tend to capitalize on said irritations until they figure me out.

So for me, if I lose 100 times but win 1 time I’m happy because it feels like I’ve solved the puzzle. At the same time, if I win 100 times and lose 1 time I’m very sad because most people play to win and I’m just out there to have fun and talk with other people who love the game.


I just like playing flashy but solid, if I lose i dont care. Unless its cause of lag or a shitty stick, that annoys me.




angry when i lose, dismissive when i win. i mostly get mad at myself though. i think what gets to me is not knowing what i can do differently when i lose consistently. i always feel like theres something im missing or that my opponents know something i dont. it doesnt help that i only look for names that i recognize from the board, or people that i know are better than me in the player rooms. i definitely want to be able to hang with the big boys. in rooms that i dominate, i feel like it doesnt count.

re-reading my own post makes me wonder why the hell i even play the game if i just get pissed when i lose, and don’t care when i win…is anyone here a psychiatrist?!


I only get mad when I lose because my d-pad wouldn’t register the inputs properly. When I win I’m always very quiet, though I only celebrate with myself. I generally don’t plug the mic in because it makes me lose focus, so I don’t expect to talk unless the room is chatty.


I don’t really mind losing. Back when I played A2 in arcades, I developed a habit of looking for people who could beat me, and trying to learn from it, so when I lose, I tend to go into a more “let’s see if I can figure out what happened here” approach, rather than ego damage-control.

But there is a problem with the way I play; I don’t like competing against faceless people online. Even though I know I’m playing against another person, I certainly don’t feel very connected with the person I’m playing against, and I have a tendency to lose interest in online play very quickly. Online matchmaking more so than regular player matches, but even in player-matches, I like to do longer sets than I usually get on Live. That, coupled with a somewhat greater love for ST are what keep me on GGPO more than playing HDR on Live.


Is it just me or do some people have a temperament similar to what you would expect from the character that they are playing??

Akuma players? Love and obsess over the power, and love to brag about the beatdown. If they lose, they can’t believe it and many I’ve fought ragequit because they can’t believe their beloved akuma lost.

Bison players? Most of them are rather ruthless in my book. Rambo “Slaves R Tasty” anyone?


A really low-budget version of StPlayah


lol what ever happened to that fo0?


It’s not that strange. I played competitively in a number of games, including Magic The Gathering (laugh away). I could probably name one or two wins where I was really happy with my performance and came from behind, but I could rattle off a ton of my losses in detail, the series of mistakes I made, etc.

I think it’s human nature. Unless it’s significant, we don’t tend to remember events like these. When it’s something meaningful, we remember it longer, and when we’re competitive, losing is meaningful.

As for me, I like to be deliberate in my approach. For example, in Blaz Blue, I am still learning the game, and when I lose, I try to understand what happened in terms of mechanics of the game, and all the basic stuff you need to do. I don’t get mad or anything, since I’m not good enough to feel like I should be winning regularly (yet).

I feel my grasp of HDR is now good, and so I enter every serious match as if the opponent were no better or worse than I. If I lose due to them being a better player, then I study and learn. If I lose as opposed to the opponent winning (execution mistake being the most common error), I get frustrated with myself.


As far as my playstyle goes I’m what I call “cautiously aggressive” I like playing the mid range game not letting the other guy play his game but not over commit myself the way alex valle does.

Personality wise I’m not flashy or a showoff in fact a lot of the time I like to play “dirty” just to piss off the opponent n prove I’ll do anything to get that W but when I lose I really don’t get mad at anyone I just ask the guy who beat me what he/she thinks I could do to improve.


this is very interesting and i’ve wondered/noticed this myself. i definitly have ryu’s “fight to improve yourself” mentality. and since vega is the only character with a weapon, it means all you MF’ers are cheaters!!! :wgrin:


He shows up on GGPO all the time under various NBA-related nicknames


im a quiet player too. the mics tends to mess with my game, esp since half the time its just the other guy breathing or clicking buttons.

im at the point now where i expect to win unless its a name i recognize, usually from here. when i do lose i try to really think about the match and what i could have done differently or what i did wrong. i figure if i can learn something from each loss i should continue to get better.

if i do get mad, its at myself for failing to execute or just doing dumb stuff. if i lose to laggie BS. i just brush it off and find a non laggie room.

if i play a bunch of close matches with someone, i send a gg.


Good post man, I’d like to add that most akuma players are low skilled and as such are looking for any advantage…hence they pick akuma. So I’d say that most of em are insecure in the real world so they choice an overly powerful character that dosnt have many weaknessess

For myself I dont know really, when I play a tactical defensive game I get called a boring turtle, when I play offensivly I get accused of doing the same move over and over and get called a spammer.

does guile match my personality, well I like things to be simple, effective but with variation, so I guess you cant get more simple and effective than a sonic boom and a flash kick, and the variety is in the sonic boom> mixup attacks. I must admit tho I do get a thrill from making the opponant guess which way they have to block after receiving a boom.

these are just my opinion of players and personalities:

ryu player: silent, strong, determined, passive aggressive, single minded.
ken player: flamboyant, reckless, aggressive, likes to impress, risk taker, gambler, ladies man.
guile: logical, thoughtful, tactical, deciplined and patient, dosnt like unpredictability, like to be in control of the situation, likes planning and order, rule of law.
blanka: simular to ken players but more extroverted, criminal minded, rebel, rule breaker, illogial> hence opposite of guile
akuma: insecure, weak, big mouth, always looking for an advantage, ruthless, cowardly
bison: domineering, natural leader, dsont like being ordered, stiff necked, opinionated, always think they are right, its never their fault, spoilt as children.
boxer: bullish, agressive, strong, shoot 1st ask questions later, a bit dumb
vega: flamboyant, effeminate, slightly homo? dirty tricks player, narcessistic
deejay…easy going, social, centre of attention
dhalsim…??? religous, ethical, calm, cool and collected
cammy ???
chun li???
honda…jovial, over bearing???
gief…jovial, happy, like the rough life, likes dangerous sports, rock star life style???

I think all men, behave like ken when they’re drunk and with friends and in the presencer of good looking women


I’d say that’s at least somewhat accurate, yeah.


I’m very humble.
I don’t mind losing.

I’d actually rather lose 10-9 than win 10-0.
I love the fight, the challenge…

Online I’m a prick, cause I like to psyche people out.