How would you feel if SNKP put in MI characters?

Let’s say KOF XII has some DLC. Since it’s a Dream Match, would you like if they put in the likes of Alba, Soiree, Luise, Nagase, Lien, or Duke in the game or in any 2-D KOF down the road? I wouldn’t mind. I personally liked those characters. It would be amazing to see these characters in glorious hand drawn HD sprites. Well except for Soiree. I’m glad he disappeared at the end of KOF MI2.



I think Lien’s breasts and the fact that she reveals more than Mai might, JUST MIGHT shut up the Mai fans.

Unless since Lien’s white, she can’t satisfy their hunger for the Asian Sensation.


Personally I’d Love to see the Meira bros , i really liked them and hopefully they will be in a 2d KoF

i didnt like MI 1 and 2 , but MI RA is one of my favorite fighters , i only used Alba Soiree and Ash , hopefully the Miera bros will be added so i’ll have my ultimate team in KoF XII :wgrin:

Most of them were shitty designs. Ninon was pretty good, Duke was ok. Hated everything else.

There’s enough real SNK designs out there that we don’t need Falcoonized or Eolith crap. Those two things have both been exorcized from SNK anyways, no need to bring anything back from either of them.

The designs in 2k3 and XI to me, were much better, such as Oswald and Malin.

I don’t care what anyone says, I liked Iori’s alternate costume from MI.

Reminded me of Bryan Fury, which is kinda fitting since they’re both homicidal maniacs.

And, yeah, Soiree, Duke, and Luise were pretty cool designs. Wouldn’t mind seeing them in more games. Heck, where’s KOF:MI2? After XII, I hope they continue that and improve on the formula.

Won’t happen, the creator was fired from SNK.

Maximum Impact is the worst thing that’s ever happened to King of Fighters.

it’s new characters and gameplay are just as bad as the Street Fighter EX series.

also, I didn’t know Falcoon was fired? I thought he left because of fan criticisms?

The butterfly girl would be nice.

I want FHD characters in KOF

Falcoons fate is a mystery. Sime say he left for personal reasons, yet others say he was fired due to fan backlash.

At any rate… I really like Nagase. How many arrogant, brainy chicks does KoF have? I like her much better than Malin, because Malin just seems to be “cute” like so many other KoF Females (Kula, Momoko, Hinako, Newer Athena), Nagase actually had an edge to her attitude. The whole “we don’t like her because she has Falcoons hair!” stuff was pretty stupid. She sounded SO much like what would happen, if a cocky fighting game tourney player, was able to “input” move data into a gauntlet, and gain those abilities. (And the whole “Analyzing of other fighters” aspect is pretty similiar to Maxima. So it doesn’t seem out of place in KoF.)

Alba and Soiree where a bit too Final Fantasy looking in some ways, But I rather liked Alba’s moves. Soiree was like a cocky Bob Wilson… which makes his character role less interesting.

Lien was gratuitious fanservice, but I actually liked her moves, too. In MI2, I felt like they redesigned her well.

Luise and Elisabeth could make a team together. Dial down her design JUST a bit, and she’d fit right into a team with with Chizuru, too. All 3 seem like they’re the female accessories to male-driven plots, lol.

I think Duke was one of the most “reasonable” SNK bosses I’ve fought. I never felt like he was REALLY cheap… just very powerful. I think he’d be fun to have on some kinda new “Boss” team. Team him up with Silber, and some other macho boss, and we’d have a nice team of serious men.

Maximum Impact provide some character Archetypes that we don’t get to see in KoF that much, especially with it’s females. Some of the alts costumes were nice (I have no problem with K’s, and you gotta see how Leona’s inspired her XII look. Ikari Ralf was nice, too), and I even liked some of the new moves characters got.

A bit of MI in KoF wouldn’t be Bad, just how SNKP’s redesigned Nameless is a good addition to 2002 UM. If the mod the designs a bit, to make them aesthetically more like 2D KoF characters, then I’d welcome them.

What a sickening comparison, especially with Momoko being much more at home in a random JRPG when compared to anyone else in the main series (from her ineffectual attacks to her cutesy running squeaks, she’s simply a joke; the fact that she looks no older than ten at best is bad enough). That said, Malin doesn’t strike me as especially cute, particularly when considering that screechy voice of hers.

Last I checked, people didn’t like Nagase because most thought that she was a stupid design in general; didn’t seem like anyone else bought her “edge”, either.

Not much to say about Alba or Soiree. Can’t really take Lien seriously as a result of said gratuitous fanservice, but I didn’t think much of her gameplay either. Luise I actually liked, but her design would need some alteration. Duke seems passable.

Nameless goes much further than simple a redesign of K9999, though, seeing as they don’t share the same backstory, personality, or even the same voice actor either (same height and weight, most of the same moves with visual alterations, but that’s about it). Not that I’m complaining about the loss.

You clearly have never played MIA, girl.

And people need to shut up about Falcoon. He did exactly what SNKP asked him to do - to make a console KOF focused on the mainstream players, filled with gimmicks, alternate outfits and every silly thing they like.

He did just that, and he did it well. MI2 was packed with content, and both games sold very well. Even in the US, they outsold most 2D episodes. My friends like MI2 over all other KOFs. You don’t like the alternate outfits? So what, they’re alternate! Even his own creations have less silly outfits to choose from.

The worst part is people blame Falcoon for everything! Malin, Ash, Shen, Duo, tagging… He doesn’t even have anything to do with any of that! :rolleyes:

I personally liked Falcoon’s style, he should’ve stayed with SNKP because he gave KOF that mixed flavor of “old” and “new”

well if Falcoon was fired, that leaves less reason for main KOF to even borrow anything from MI.

SNKP would rather let MI series die instead of taint the main KOF series with Falcoon’s bad reputation (based on the fan rants). or rather, they would have the MI characters die with Falcoon stepping down from those projects.

*Maximum Impact fighting was really bad, *


and it further proves what the KOFXII producer said, 3-D can never substitute the beauty of 2-D art and animation.

This may be off topic a little but since we’re talking of dream matches here… since Capcom has had Marvel vs. Capcom, what about D.C vs SNK? Just a thought…

Eh, I thought most of the new character designs for the MI series were pretty poor. Lien and Luise were ok, Alba was passable, but the rest were terrible.

Well, I like the replies I’m seeing here. Most of you think that the MI designs are at least passable. I don’t know why but I think Alba would work well in a 2D KOF…and as much as I like Mignon, she would absoulutely not fit into the main series. Maybe Lien though. Just maybe.

MI is a bizarre game, it shares all the same likeness of regular KOF, similar mechanics, and a good chunk of SNK’s past. But here is an example of how 3D will never quite rival 2D, both in gameplay and longevity. Falcoon’s character designs were pretty bizarre but quite fitting for MI, why? Well because MI was never part of the regular KOF series. It stayed as an independent spin-off to the flagship series. So in that sense it has every right to be as weird and bizarre as it wants. If you don’t like it go back to what you know.

But do MI characters earn character slots over the cannon KOF characters? No.
Would it be interesting to see them in 2D? yes.
Are they fitting for KOFXII? Probably not…but it would be interesting nonetheless.

It would be very interesting to see them in 2D. Of course they would have to alter the moves a little to fit more into KOF XII 2D gameplay.