How would you feel if...

So with this new patch announcement, I was wondering how you guys would react if you woke up one day and there was an unannounced patch being downloaded? You don’t know the changes since Capcom never released them.

Do you care about the changes? The frame data/hit box changes or do you play just because you like the game? How would much time would you invest trying to figure stuff out? Would you be happier this way or do you prefer announced changes?

I wouldn’t mind, while I do read the patch notes for my character, I rarely ever read the notes for other characters or actually remember them after I read them, so it wouldn’t change much for me.

how do you like a game without considering frame data and hitboxes?
they play a big role in the gameplay, but if you’re not playing the game for the gameplay
why would you care about changes?

If you do not care about other characters changes, you’re not playing this game competitively enough, simple as that.

I don’t care about hitboxes and frame data because I’m just going to adapt to it. I don’t go out of my way to learn them, I just play the game how it is. What I’m most curious is how others would view it, would they see it as a betrayal from Capcom or would they enjoy having to figure it out on their own?

I would find it supremely annoying. it’s bad enough that I still find tons of errors and things left out of the patch notes for characters, but to also be forced to fumble in the dark until the data is documented properly is super stupid.

Frame data helps you adapt, helps you figure out what works and what doesn’t as well as give you a good starting point for finding techniques and tricks. It’s hard to make a safe jump if you don’t know how fast the move your safe jumping is or how long the knockdown is or the startup on your OS. Likewise many things appear less safe or more safe than they actually are. For example, on block Cody’s LP Criminal Upper is -5F but it LOOKS safer. Likewise Yun’s LP Shoulder slam is only -3F but it looks far more vulnerable.

Playing can teach you alot, but so can having proper documentation for testing.

Plus, I’d want patch notes if nothing else to help stave off the stupid levels of witch hunting about changes. After every patch you see “I think they changed X it feels Xier” and nothing changed. Hell, I still see people claim Dan has a “Floaty” jump despite the FACT his jump physics are the exact same as Ryu/Ken.