How would you listen to stream and be at the EVO event?


I love the commentary… I was wondering. How do people accomplish this without carrying a laptop around? (if possible)

Was at EVO last year and was wondering lol. Enjoyed the stream this year and plan to go next year so I want to prepare lol


probably on thier mobile phone i imagine.


hmm? So smart phones can stream that stuff? I dont have a smart phone so i wouldnt know. Is there a certain app?


It would be cool if somehow you could just stream the audio. So you don’t eat up battery and bandwidth streaming the video too.

Yea, there are twitchTV apps for android and iphone.


I suggested it once before but Evo should setup a shoutcast and stream their commentary audio. Would be dope for people to listen in. Like going to a baseball game and bringing a portable radio to listen to the commentary.