How would you Modify low-mid,low,bottom tiered characters in 3S

Just got back from getting completely demolished in P2P 3S. I have came to the reality that Sean is awful at high or intermediate level play. I mean he doesn’t die in fast like twelve but his offense is so predictable and easy to sight parry it isn’t funny. I mean its pretty bad when I can switch to ryu AND ACTUALLY WIN. But thats the point I don’t like playing with ryu. I want play Sean and Elena.This dumb shit is getting on my nerves.Almost makes me want to give up playing.

    What the hell is the point of playing and 2/3 of the time your losing. I mean yeah they are low tier but f---! I want to play with the characters I liked when I first saw this game in a tip & tricks mag in the late 90's. I hate when I have to alter my sense of preference because of design flaws(ie Gunz and its glitches and MvC and gold war machine/Wolves/Strider). 

    If you can possibly modify the game with a cheat script ran on boot. I read from a coder that you can poke the addresses in ram to find PAR codes that can alter the general properties of the game(like play as Shin akuma,unfinished zangief sprites and the unfinshed playable alternative version of hugo) .The scripts can change that mame games that can be ran on boot with mame's cheat engine. If you can buff the low tiers by fixing some of thier "impractical/gimmicky/useless at high level play" moves with moves that you can at least use half the god damn time.

  **Question:** What if you can change the inheriant properties to a low-mid,low,and bottom tiered character and explain the said changes that would be appropriate in the character.  I am not talking about give X character 10 times the vitality but at least make the original concept of what the character was supposed to be and modify the game so that the character is more usable at high level.

The changes I would put in is with Sean,Twelve,Q,Remy.

   **Sean: **He is a nonfireball sight-countering,non-string combo based rush down shoto.But alas he's broken.(no not broken good he's broken bad) . But there are problems with that achetype. No one can sight counter everything without taking damage.Seeing how others can combo for good-big damage all he needs is better health(+25%) to offset his lack of combo potential and to guard against this flaw in his design concept. 

  Lets go over his many "*broken bad*" moves.

  Axekick:He doesn't have a fireball but can counter fireballs with axekick made useless by bad frame advantage and can be sight parried easily. Come on I believe a move should be able to be countered BUT don't make it dumb easy.

**Conclusion:**Change frame advantage slightly,have the ability to cancel out of the move at the apex of its hieght, add the ability for him to axekick in the air(from the mid frames onward).Add some invincibilty at the initial frames while he's on the ground.

 Tackle grab:Is useless as a actual attack. Why have a move your never going to use? Seriously...

**Conclusion:**Speed up animation(by ALOT) keep the wind up/down advantage the same.The script turns on the “ducking” script when the tackle is used so it can go under fireballs.Change its hit property to a grab.

 Roll:its a good move but its too situational and risky.

Conclusion:Speed up “inbetween” roll animation but keep the lag and windup frame advantage the same. Add some invinciblity in the begining frames(after 3).

 Dragon Smash:Too slow,no invincibility, no range.

**Conclusion:**Keep the bad range(don’t make it a dp clone) but add invinciblity and change the frame advantage in to 3fr instead of 6.

 Tornado:unsafe on hit, easy to parry/block on sight=useless  for the most part

**Conclusion:**speed up the animation(making it travel VERY fast), alter the “push” property so that he gets pushed away from the opponent after the tornado finishes the hit sequence (keeping with the low combo shoto concept.)enhance the frame advantage in but not out.

 I only have time for one character but please post with your opinion on what changes low-mid,low,and bottom tiered characters should have to make them usable at high level.

Or just make him 2I sean. There we go.

Sean was a lot more formidable in 2I. My friend likes playing that one because its the only time Ibuki and Sean were upper tier :rofl:

I’ve beaten a decent Yang or Ken (I forget, he plays both) player with Sean and the hyper tornado. Comboed into it with basketball > lp > super… Thank god I saved the replay or else he would’ve soft reset the game :rolleyes: But he really could use some more moves.

I’d like Hugo to have a little better speed somehow to get across the screen but I think he’s fine with his defense.

Honestly, if everyone had as many options as Ken, or Ken was toned down and Genei-Jin was toned down, it’d be a little better. Actually it’d be an entirely different game.

waits for 3s bashing

holy shit yet another “buff low tier” thread

let’s stop this before it starts