How would you rate a fully modded SE?

As we all know by now, the SE needs to be modded to get the most out of it. But when it is fully modded, is it worth it? 70 for the stick itself, and about 30-50 in upgrades pushes the price up to 110-120. Would you guys who have modded one say it’s a stick worth 110?

I’m currently using one and I like it. If it was fully modded, it’d be a perfect stick for me and almost on par with the TE.

Not sure but I don’t like how it has little space for your hand next to the joystick. I know i’ll be resting my hand there soemtimes and i’lll need that extra space.

i picked up one from gamecrazy last night after i got off work. they only got 3 in so i got lucky and got the last one.

anyhow, i didn’t even bother trying it out when i got home. i already had plans to put good parts into it, so i started modding it immediately. opened it up, changed the stick out for a seimitzu bat-top style stick, and swapped the buttons out for sanwa’s. it took me less than 30 minutes total, very easy.

the stick works to perfection for me. i like it much better than my HRAP. i have an order for the TE version, but if i don’t get it anytime soon… then this stick will work just fine for me. i think it’s a great stick once the parts are swapped out for genuine sanwa/seimitzu parts.


I have pretty enormous hands and I haven’t had a problem with it. The amount of space you have is deceptively large.

Wow, nice mod dude. I kind of want to mod one now

Great stick once modded. Here’s mine. I also have a Hrap2SA 360/PS2 stick and i prefer the SE over it (sometimes)

Seeing all these mods kind of makes me regret to have ordered OBSFs that have the same colors as the stock SE (White, Black). I got a clear Bubble top though so that’s good, I guess. I just thought that white buttons would look better with the stick since it’s its main color.

Does anyone have theirs modded with Green Sanwa buttons?

I’m thinking of getting them, but I want to see how they look on the stick first, so anyone who has pictures of how those buttons look on the SE would be a great help to me.


I can tell you right now the green would clash with the artwork. The most complimentary colours would be either white, yellow or black.

wow, SE over HRAPS. that is surprising.

anyone have issues with the weight?

i think the weight is good. i was surprised because i thought it was going to be too light, based on the look of it in pictures. in fact, it’s really very sturdy and i like it’s shape and size better than any other stick i’ve ever played on.
the HRAP is too big and bulky imho, and i’ve never liked it all that much, even though i considered it to be the best quality mass produced stick out there… up until now.

i have a TE stick ordered, so when and if i ever get one i’m sure i’ll like it a little more than the SE stick, simply because of the bells and whistles.

i really think that in time, these sticks are going to become the most popular and well received sticks in the entire SF community. (apart from custom made sticks)

just my opinion,

I got one of the… apparently few good SE sticks and at first I hated how the stick felt, but now that it’s worn in it feels great. I’m ordering OBSFs in red and a JLF, removing the rubber feet at the bottom and I think it’ll be perfect, or at least hard to beat.

I don’t know if my opinion counts or not… but a modded SE is VERY good…

Seimitsu LS-32-01 + Sanwa buttons = loving it…

It was obviously designed with modding in mind. The weight is heavier than any stick around it size except for maybe the ROYDS style sticks. It’s slightly lighter than an HRAP stick.

I’m in a university right now, but if no one’s shown any pics by the time I get back home i’ll do a little Photoshoping showing all the colours. Green looks pretty awful though, I already tried it last night.

Red buttons looked real nice because of the dark colours on the art. Black+Red = awesome.

Oh, and thanks for all the input guys.

I ordered ls-32-01 and sanwa and seimitsu buttons. Not sure which I’ll use (got the stantard sanwa, clear seimitsu’s)

Same thing I did to mine, and I am loving it. Like cmutt said, the stick is actually quite heavy and sturdy, and comparing it to an HRAP is actually a good comparison. I like my HRAP better, but only because of its larger size and I have had it awhile, so I am used to it.

I would rate it 10/10. Once modded, it works perfectly, and I really like the size, shape, and weight of the stick. Plus, the cord is really long <3

Got a JLF and sanwa buttons in there now, and I see no point to owning a TE except ebaying it.

Now you guys have me thinking about selling my TE (which I have yet to receive) and picking up one of the SE’s. Especially after seeing a dual modded Cthulu SE. I’d have to vinyl dye that case black though.

Here’s mine, I like the candy colours and my green buttons & ball top glow in the dark after the lights have been on them for awhile !