How would You react if your Girlfriend did This?


You must be new.

I didn’t watch it but I think I remember this thread bro

yo yo yo bro bro bro.

Fuck I wish we had a video section on this board

I know, wherever could it possibly be? :confused:

I can’t find one anywhere :shake:

First of all, cry.

And then get a new girl, as well as a new PS3.

And *then *lay the smackdown on the new girl so she knows never to touch the new PS3.


Id thank her for helping my make a fake vid to troll youtube with.


call the cops and get her dumb ass charged with domestic violence
spend the night in jail bitch!

06 not knowing video was posted already like 3 times = fail.
06 not knowing there was a video section = super fail.


P.S I was the first one that post this vid on SRK. GO ME!
cKrAzY’s E-DICK just grew :wow:

I knew what video had been posted before opening the thread. lol.

I was trying to neg the OP…force of habit.

chokeslam her through a table

Alright, Val, time to show off your new powers and move this thread to its proper location, then most likely close it as then it’ll be a duplicate thread. :lol:



I would give her mad sex, make her buy a new one, then get a new girl.


Anyways, I’d rape her, get her pregnant, force her to coat hanger abort the baby and make her eat it.

Pretty sure I’d rape her mercilessly until she passes out and then cram so much crap into her vagina that it’s so stretched out she’ll never feel pleasure again. YOUT AKE AWAY MY JOY I WILL TAKE YOURS WOMAN.

Nah I’d probably just steal a bunch of her shit, sell it and buy a new one.

I would probably stone cold stun her. I mean, the guy was playing a great game too, what a nasty bitch. Bitches need hobbies. I would slap the shit out of her, then throw her out and probably avoid women for a long time.