How would you summarize EVO?

It can be one word, one sentence, one paragraph, and top10 or whatever.

In no particular order, but it may be assumed that it’s from the least to the most relevant:
** Most Memorable People at EVO 2011**:

  1.        Combofiend (almost but not quite)
  2.        Aris (for hitting on Kayo in plain interwebz, you’re in love with who?)
  3.        Noel Brown (yesterday: Noel who? today: RRR)
  4.        DR Ray (Beating JWong, putting DR on the map, for blowing himself to KO with Deadpool, only at EVO lol, M.Ross got lucky)
  5.        Viscant (winning MvC3… with DP :( booo! DP sucks, but he deserves it)
  6.        CJ Truth (His 13 or something like that, right? And for defeating the people's Champ.)
  7.        Wofkrone (beating Mago, mad hype! Making top8)
  8.        Daigo (For losing, who knew... I guess the few youtube vids with "allegedly" Daigo playing and losing may be true after all)
  9.        JWong (It's Mahvel baby)
  10.      PR Rog (Tron combeback, and beating JWong)
  11.      Poongko (shutting down Daigo)
  12.      Fuudo (Winning EVO with Feilong, love it!)
  13.      Perfect Legend (MK Champ, first MK EVO champ)
  14.      Spark (winning Bzb with uncanny defense)
  15.      Lord Knight (lol maybe for being read like a book even though we know he played so well, there was nothing he could do)
  16.      Tokido (making it to so many Top8)
  17.      Latif (beating Tokido, Daigo, and Poongko)
  18.      Broly (for being relentless, no hands, no feet, no problem!)
  19.      Kayo Police (not all that glitters is gold, such a great character)
  20.      Noah (He's eight. That's right, 8!)

Biggest no-shows:

  1.        Ryu
  2.        Megaman
  3.        Mike Ross
  4.        Japanese players in top 32 Marvel, well… top 8
  5.        SFxT

Biggest roaches (wouldn’t go away/were everywhere)

  1.        Tokido
  2.        Wolverine/Akuma
  3.        Madcatz gear
  4.        Spanishh ads (Tide, etc…)
  5.        Phoenix

Honor mentions:

  1. D3athwi5h (Phoenix on point, new tech)
  2. Royal Flush (Modok player)
  3. Chris G (being the villain for eliminating our new prodigy)
  4. Balrog short film
  5. Awesome Tekken Tag 2 showcase, (IMO overshadowing SC5)

I’m surprised that you have Mike Ross as a “No-show” He finished in the Top 64 (I may be mistaken) and he didn’t do so bad at Marvel either. Considering the large amount of people, and his great EVO season, I think he’s done fairly well.

I thought Latif’s gameplay was one of the biggest moments of EVO. He had to go through Tokido, Daigo, Poongko, and he almost beat Fuudo the first time around (Winner’s Semi-finals). I think he also beat Justin Wong in AE to send him to the loser’s bracket (I think).

I was really shocked by the number of dropped combos by some of the major players in the Top 8 for AE. One has to wonder what the Top 8 would have looked like if the combos weren’t dropped. Overall, I really think the pressure got to some these veteran players.

My biggest disappointment would easily be the lack of characters used in AE. Last year’s EVO for SST4 was so interesting due to the large amount of character usage. I’m not just talking about the top 8 or even 32. I’m talking about the entire tournament. I didn’t see as much of a variety this year.

Last years evo was boring as hell. Ricky Ortiz vs Daigo? No hype at all.

CJ Showstopper losing to daigo and throwing his stick and raging like a boner. Shit was mad hilarious. Perfect representation of the angry black man.

What the fuck are you talking about? Were you even there?

not as good as advertised (IMOOC)