How would you teach Street Fighter 4 to a girl?

And I mean everything, from character selection to explaining the fundamentals of the game. Someone make videos.

I’d teach her to play with my stick.

… that was very funny.

Take my stick and do d,f,p or to b,f,p a combination of balrog/shoto work there and maybe spice it up with a d,u,d,u,d,u,d,u.

Hopefully you get the joke :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, ask her if she’s interested in being taught. Seriously. :lol:

…the same way you would teach anyone else? :confused:

I didn’t know about shortcuts and that negative button thing… Are there anymore tricks?

Girls are wired differently.

give her a dollar and throw her in CTF

Goddamn you fucks used all the stick jokes.

“…so ultra is sort of like that week when you’re all pissy. You know Honey? Like when I say ONE wrong thing and you jump all over me? Hey wait… where are you going?”

Not dealing with this one.

I saw a couple of girls at evo. Some of em were even getting into the SF4 finals match. Doin the Rufus raise the roof ultra ender. Good shit.

Show her what happens when a super comes out.

if you play through Super Street Fighter II Turbo on 8 stars and perfect everyone you can unlock shenlong…

first you let her play soul calibur, then guitar hero… oh wait


DS can tell you what happens when you teach a girl how to play SF4:bgrin:

youd get your ass beat by a girl and never get to tap it cuz you lost your man points :nono:

Adokets… all fucking day…

The exact same way you would teach anyone how to play Street Fighter.