How would your team get along?

The MvC series gives us the very interesting ability to add 3 characters from completely different worlds/universes to our fighting team. But the question must be asked: What if this were real?

How would our characters get along? How would a team like this have even formed? Assuming this went beyond a one-time thing, how would the team do traveling together? Would they get along, or just argue, or even fight, until the team broke apart? Would their fighting together even go as smoothly as it does in the game, or would it involve a lot more “hiding” when it comes their turn to fight, or jumping in on their own will to attempt and take all the glory?

I have a few teams: Wesker/Magneto/Phoenix, Wesker/Magneto/C. Viper, Magneto/X-23/Chun are my most commonly used teams.

For Wesker/Magneto/Phoenix, I only really see them coming together to attempt to take advantage of Dark Phoenix. Perhaps Wesker and Magneto teamed up, kidnapped Phoenix, and then force her into battle with five bars until DP is forced out? That said, the relationships with Phoenix would not be very good. The interesting thing here would be Wesker and Magneto. I question their ability to get a long, in part because of their differing goals. Perhaps they are willing to compromise - or at least pretend to compromise - with the idea of having the world’s non-mutant humans under Wesker’s control, making mutants the dominant intelligent species of the planet. From there, Wesker would probably try to finish the job by taking down the mutants, while Magneto-and-friends (essentially all mutants left) would try to take down all the abominations that have taken the world over. Depending on how you look at it, it would seem that, while the problem isn’t totally solved for either of them, that they’d have a better chance of world domination when facing each other than when facing mankind AND each other.

Throw out phoenix and throw C. Viper in, and you’ve essentially got the same concept, except C. Viper is pretending to help, while actually being an Agent for the CIA in attempts to stop their evil plan.

I’m not even going to try Magneto/X-23/Chun.

I see Hulk and Ryu getting along and using their abilities to stop evil-doers…just for fun. But then that badass Wesker, who is supposed to help then, shoots Ryu. Then Hulk throws Wesker into the sun and cries with a dead Ryu in his arms.

Then Galactus destroys the Earth.

This is one of those situations when I wish I could “Like” posts like on facebook.

Any team with Wesker on it is immediately unrealistic, since he doesn’t need any-- okay I don’t wanna repeat my joke.


Wesker would probably argue with Doom all day like in Max’s Assist Me series while Gouki would be off doing his own thing.

Albert: "I am a god! You should be fortunate that I didn’t infect your pathetic nation of Latveria with my Uroboros virus!"
Victor: “Doom does as he pleases, and answers to no one!”


and then Oni won an Oscar award for that amazing monologue.

I’m pretty sure Zero and Dante could be best friends given their somewhat similar backgrounds, but given how cocky they both are they could just end up fighting for no reason. As for Akuma, I think Dante might just instinctively try to kill him… the same could be said about Zero and Doom back when I had Doom on my team.


Wesker runs the show, of course. X23 takes Jill’s place as his personal assassin, pretty much taking over her original creator’s role. Dante owes Wesker money so he’s forced to hang around for field battles. X23 does the silent stuff. Dante would quit without fear of Wesker’s wrath but he likes the constant jobs so he’s like “Whatever.” X23’s not fond of Dante’s attitude, and he picks on her. Wesker constantly mediates the sibling-like behavior.


Chris forgives Wesker for the Raccoon City thing, Wesker wants to give STARS another try. Dante was discovered in their lab base eating their pizza and he won’t leave.

in all seriousness though, I feel this thread deserves a legit post on my team:


Wesker and Doom would get into heated arguments 24/7 about their dominance over pretty much… anything, essentially turning all of their conversations into a contest of whose ego is bigger. A la Max’s The Online Warrior: Assist Me series. Akuma would, surprisingly, be the mediator between the two. Doom and Wesker would probably set aside their differences to take out their anger on stronger foes, probably as per Akuma’s suggestion. Their next (mutual) target? Galactus and all of the cosmos.


this one I think would be interesting. Wesker would call the shots, of course. he would probably corrupt Haggar into having Metro City advocate Tricell and would use his government funds for supporting his projects. Taskmaster would be down for any work Wesker gives him, so long as it’s a merc’s job and there’s pay. Wesker taking over Metro City? you got yourself a Raccoon City 2.0, mr. mayor.

Zero/Dante/Trish - Mercenaries
They decide to form a band of mercenaries. Initially Zero would be mad that Dante and Trish are lazy fucks and do nothing but smoke drugs and eat pizza. Dante and Trish keep smoking meth(blame the new DmC) and eating pizza and eventually Zero becomes a lazy fuck like them. They occasionally go kill some villains to make some dough to buy more drugs and pizza…

Zero gon become an energy junkie huh?


in what becomes a spinoff for Final Fight 4, Chris “24-Inch Pythons” Redfield has been dispatched to Metro City on rumors of bio weapons attacking the city. President Mike Fucking Haggar’s pissed off, taking time off from being president to return to his old stomping grounds. He hires “Moneyman” Taskmaster, since the typical beat’em up needs an average of three characters, and one of the three is usually shady. The Mayor is quite genre savvy.

the whole shebang goes to title screen with Chris readying his pistol, Tasky laughing and Haggar taking off his shirt and smashing the screen with Dat Pipe.

Probably wouldn’t get along very well since my whole team is made of arrogant asses.


I think it’d go something like this.

Captain America: “I am on the wrong team, aren’t I?”

Wesker & Sentinel: “Yep.”

The only team I ever played that would get along is Iron Man, Spencer, Sentinel. If you beat IM with Spencer he calls Tony “partner” and is willing to work out the kinks in his Bionic Arm. Spencer is also sympathetic to Sentinel if you beat the Bot with Nathan. So I imagine Iron Man and Spencer teaming up after an epic battle, picking up a Sentinel and rebuilding/reprogramming it so the three of them can fight crime!

Team The Machine, aw yeah


Tron Bonne would reconfigure Sentinel’s programming to make him serve the Bonne Family, while Morrigan would try to get into Tron’s pants. Pretty good overall =p

Hulk/Sentinel/Taskmaster…I don’t think those characters have ever been in the same panel lol.

Ammy/Tron/Wesker. I’m actually working on an illustration of this very scenario. Now I have a reason to kick it into overdrive.

Tasky + Doom + Sentinel?
The world would be doomed…
Until tasky and doom fight over supremacy and try and recruit sentinel to their cause, who kills them both…


Wolverine and Phoenix have kids, then Sentinel kills them all for being mutant scum. The end.


Arthur enlists Lei Lei as his apprentice to demon hunting while deadpool giggles like a school girl.