How xbla and psn are destroying fighters

Okay I know a lot of great titles have come out on XBLA like Garou , SamSho 2 , KoF 98 UM MvSC2 and a lot of other great titles but in the end they do more damage to our culture than the death of arcades .

Xbox Live and Psn create a world where gamers can fight in a digital untangible version of their favorite game. This hyper reality promotes a dissociation from other players that undermines the value of a match.

These games are no longer physical copies so the player no longer has absolute ownership of the game . Players can now get rid of game on a whim with out the worries that they might never see a copy again because everything they can always re download a game .

  1. The system of play online there is hardly any real proof to say who is good at a game and who just farms points this creates a mistrust amongst skilled players who wonder are top really good fighters or really good spammers.

  2. Along time ago and to this day you met competition locally and when they no longer were a challenge you branched out in search of competition until you became the best like a modern day ryu . Live allows you to face opponents with huge gaps in experience and skill where a new player is at a severe disadvantage compared to fighter who is a seasoned vet who only sees this new fighter as a just another quick victory.

  3. Owning a physical copy of something creates a sensation that apple stores and live accounts can not ever emulate.

Back when you only had the arcade you didn’t own the game.

i wouldn’t be able to play fighters without netplay. you gotta make the best out of what you have.

i also don’t care if i have a physical copy of a game or not. as long as i can play it, i’m good.

Yeah I know but the game was physical players were linked together you actual could see hear and possibly hold a conversation with a person from your city or area and get to know them. Online we have a barrier that ironically breaks the borders of personal space ,respect, and etiquette that we take a life time to establish and respect all for the cost of a few 800 points .

Toke Jopic?

You never had absolute ownership over any game you’ve ever purchased.

Your other points are similarly off-base.

You try so, so hard to sound smart…

But if you’re like me, you don’t have to try.

That is the difference between us.

And that, kids, is how the Grinch stole Christmas.

jot noking

yeah fuck XBLA and PSN. Because of this shit STHD was only able to get like 300 entrants at evo. If people had to buy it in the stores for 60 bucks and no online play the entrants would have been way higher.


Wtf, I thought Akuma did it…

it’s called a mic, genius…get one…

I’ve made many new friendships/rivalries/competition from XLive…

not only that but many of us have met up and actually played locally…

I don’t know why you’re so keen on seeing the face of your opponents…

are you desperate for some physical attention or something?

I’d say yes and no, most of those points are true only because of the appearance and evolution of video games systems, because when arcades stopped being the “big thing” (in America) a while back the video game companies had to think of more easier convenient ways to get they’re games to sell, but anyway to answer your points imo…


  1. XBL and PSN are used to emulate the fighting game scene via internet connection because they know (the companies that make the fighting games) know that not everyone has access to a Arcade venue or even have face to face competition so they had to think up the next best thing, while we all know that online play will never be as fun or exciting as the arcade scene or 1 on 1’s with your bro or fam it’s still pretty up there, besides not everyone has that luxury right? in a since this allows the fighting game community to expand even further beyond the reaches of just the arcade scene…

  2. Virtual Copies were made because well… let’s put it this way “Why should I go to Gamestop when I can just buy it at home via Credit Card”, is it lazy? maybe but it’s still very very convenient :tup:

  3. In a sense I can agree but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if you Win or Lose, you can cry about the details another time hell you might even be able to watch a replay of it to to see where you screwed up :rofl:, besides since your playing online nobodies gonna kick you off the sticks, you can just play’em again

  4. There’s a saying in the fighting game community called “Don’t just fight amongst your friends” basically you need to up your game by fighting new and different people, it should come to no suprise that if your getting owned by someone via XBL/PSN mean you suck, on the contrary it just means that you need to get better, don’t bullshit around because people with that attitude are the very scrubs that make excuses on why they lost and never get any better anyways, if you ain’t up to snuff they the exit’s thata way patna’ because the rules haven’t changed, it was like that back then and it’s like that now… nothings changed but the technology…

  5. I can agree with this wholeheartedly :wgrin:

Shut the fuck up.

I am just bringing up how xbox live is doing to fighters what apple and napster have done to the music industry by taking away physical interaction it takes away the importance of a game . When you actual hold a copy of a game and put the cartridge or disc in the console became completely yours you had to take care of the game it was either that or the game broke and you had to purchase another copy.

Sounds more like you’re butt hurt that you don’t own a physical copy of the game then anything else.

so XBLA and PSN are destroying fighting games because you can’t actually destroy your fighting games? Well, my friend, I’d have to say it’s quite the opposite.

Fuck, I wish I could neg you again right now.

Well he did SGS Gouken, it’d make sense if Akuma stole Christmas.

If anything the fighting community is better for the online experience. Evo had one of it’s best showings, SFII:HDR, an ONLY console fighter, had the second biggest entry number next to IV and a damn good tournament.

Once the netcode issues are worked out, online will be a great medium to practice for tournaments. Besides I don’t have to dress up and waste gas to get a few good games in among friends.