How ya feel about Dee Jay

So we knew it was coming and now its almost here. Dee Jay is now in the mix and its goin to be alot of “ohhh yea” goin on. Do you think he will make the transition? I feel strong about it.

ohhh yea

I feel this about it.

when are we gonna get a facepalm smiley?

How strong you feel about an infraction?

And don’t say you didn’t see that sticky or the SFIV board either.

I’m gonna be rebelious and pick yellow…

He still has green rep…WHY again?

Get out. Fighting game discussion is a haven for people who are sick of hearing about SF4! Leave us alone!

i feel the beat mon

I was kinda hoping this would be a more general topic like “How do SF fans feel about Dee Jay?” rather than “How do SF fans feel about Dee Jay in SF4”. Oh well.

OP’s problem is that he doesn’t have any rhythm, imo.

check out dem teef

yo how you feel about that infraction

Were his killer combos too much for you, mon!?

Also, Dee Jay is the character from SF2 I like the least.

I can’t think about Dee Jay anymore without thinking about Mr. Tae Bo.

What is Dee Jay’s favorite song?


i went there imo

how do ya feel about lucky glauber