How you came up with your gamertag

Back when i was still a little guy, everyone used to call me Antman. Hence Dj Antman.

But im thinking of changing it… but w/e tell us.

sorry if this has been made before/ or wrong place :X

My alias on here is named after one of my favourite bands, my gamertag is Dim3bag x because Dimebag Darrell is my fav guitarist, but I’ve changed my gamertag a few times. 800 msp is a rip off so make sure you find one you are happy with before you change lol

Bakaboy tag was taken from a comic book “Reality Check” when the author was acting silly to his wife. I tend to be a silly person. The Mr was kind of a clan name from my ex-roommate. He wanted a name that was taken so he added a Mr. The other 2 roommates also added a Mr next to our names in honor of the household.

Ark = main char in terranigma one of my favorite games <3
Kai=my “clan” when i played tibia

Ark + Kai = Arkkai

Dr. Dreadman was the username I stuck with back in the kaillera days. I was obsessed with having dreadlocks (still am) and wanted to come up with an alternate handle to my main screen name which was simply ‘Dreadlocks’. The ‘Dr’ part was actually a reference to Smash Bros. in which Mario had two variations of himself; normal and doctor. The idea originally came from making multiple accounts for the god-awful XvSF/SFO game. I figured DrDreadman is more original then simply calling myself by a common hairstyle so I stayed with it.

For me it is simple, 8-bit theatre:

Sifu V came from when i placed 4th, or was it 5th, in a KOF 97 tournament back in… umm… 97. My girl at the time started calling me Sifu for some reason known only to her, the V is just the first letter of my name, and it just kinda stuck.

Years later, and Grimm (live tag is Grimm Grimoire) is just what everyone calls me now. Something to do with a combination of my bleak outlook on life, and the Billy & Mandy cartoon.

I used DragonGoomba8912 back when I was little. I then combined the two words and took away the useless numbers.

Dragon + Goomba = Dragoomba

Well, my original GT was Wiggi0620, which was a combination of my last name(Wiggins) and my birthday(June 20). It stuck for a good while, and that’s what I had my name as in almost all of my forum tags and online accounts. When I first made a PSN account, I had Wiggi0620 as my tag. Then a year and a half later I got my own PS3 and couldn’t remember my log in info. So I had to make a new tag up. Wiggins was taken, already. So I came up with WigginsBabyPunch. It’s a combination of my last name and one of my all time favorite funny internet pictures ever.

First airplane ever designed, by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Thanks Stan Smith.

My original name was NASTYxNATE916 and that Gt was from a movie called, “Half Baked”. Then my brother wanted to have us all change our names to “Hi Im”, so I put, “Hi Im Nasty”, but that was taken so I put an extra Y at the end.

No background for mine…just wanted something to remember and simple. So Snackz Son was only right.

Passing resemblance to <

Back when MMOs were like a new thing and UO had just come out I thought it’d be pro to have a pk named Mozart, not really sure why. So that was my name for a while. Unfortunately it was usually taken, so I had to do some variation of the name. One of my friends on Zero Hour (Shout out to all the obscure games I still play) called me Prozart, pronounced like Mozart with a pr, and it kinda stuck. Plus it’s rarely taken and I don’t like adding punction to my names.

My gamertag on PSN is Repair_man_man5. It comes from an old sketch show that used to come on nickelodeon in the mid/late 90’s called All That. The character repair man would ways shout “im repair man man man man man man” and would “repair” stuff by destroying it. I try to “repair” people online and soon in tournyes hopefully, hence the name. Of course most of you won’t know what show im even talking about…


comic fans should be able to get mine when i say the letters JSA

Well I got my GT from playing brawl with some friends and it was my rapper name when I wanted to be one.

My Gamertag is Johnny Almighty. I remember I went through like 10 names before I settled on that so it was kind of random. But then again, I have this thing where I make a different name for almost every forum or account I make (though my PSN is Chibimana as well) which is sometimes a play on my real name or just a random name I came up with and liked at the moment. I probably have over a dozen pseudonyms by now.

Mine is just based on the nickname I had in highschool, Jushi.

Took mine from an old novel I saw in a used bookstore.