How you do j.HK >> U/B st.MP >> ULTRA?



what does U/B st mp? i know it means something like neutral but how you to link it to ultra??


Hold up/back as you land and press mp, then do the Ultra.


Is there a video of this being done at all?




heres one i made myself



So it is j.HK, then hold up back + s.MP, towards, back, towards + 3P?


yes sir


Why do you need UB? Wouldn’t B just be enough?


just B gives you the headbut thing, you need to cancel his pre jump backwards frames with the mp in order to get the neutral mp and retain charge, hence U/B


The timing on that looks ridiculously hard.


It is a 2 frame link, which is actually pretty easy. The hardest part is getting the U/B mp.