How you no die, reckless guy?




then washing it down with


Crazy mofo


Why you no stop posting stupid threads…


I spose thats your like quota for the day, heres one enjoy


i like when you post, because your avatar makes me think you are Egon Spengler from the Ghostbusters


For some reason I read Ghostbusters as ‘Duke Tales’.
I was really confused for a while there.


Big deal op…

This girl drinks gasoline.


Imma Hazard a guess that you meant “Duck Tales”.


I like geese pants av because it makes me think hes always happy :3


I don’t even know how that girl is still alive.


Big deal. Kenny drank gasoline, and he didn’t die.

Hell, he died many times and never really died.

Until that time he really did die for a while before coming back and never dying again.

Maybe people like this just need their friends to try replacement friends for a few seasons so they can come back and not worry about death.

Secret to immortality confirmed?


All I got from this post is that you are a closet Dead Kennedys fanboy.


I was only a fan of John. I don’t know anything about Robert. Ted can suck it.


I mean Duke Tales.
Duke duke duke.


Ok thats crazy, how these people not dead or seriously ill


There was a girl on one of those addiction shows, and she drank nail polish all the time. So they asked how her teeth weren’t stained. Her reply is that she would drink nail polish remover afterwards, to clean her teeth.

fucking brilliant solution


Watch me close a thread that belongs in the video forum in less than 15 seconds!