He countered with the quickness! :p:

Haha, I just saw this on Guy’s reflexes are pretty good… but he ends up getting his ass beat and crying like a bitch in the end.

He probably should’ve handled it better, but she deserved it, and it looked more like a shocked reflex than anything because he sort of realized what he did right after.

good GOD!..They came up there with the quickness! lol


beats getting shot in brooklyn

They use the f… word quite a lot on tv :stuck_out_tongue:

lol holy shit man, take that shit like a man. some dudes would be honored to get slapped like that.

i like how she takes it and doesnt even care, just kinna walks back.

saw this on attack of the show, how this wasnt #1 for clip of the day idont know

edit: if u look really closely at his slap…it resembles the way tony jaa does shit…reminded me of ong bak

She looked like she was gonna cry if you asked me. Although he was the only one that did. Anyone know the story behind it. I bet she keeps her hands to herself from now on.

Someone said that she does start crying later on.

Basically from what G4 said its a game show where the girl says sarcastic stuff to piss you off. aka Its part of the game. Yet the guy couldnt hold it in and slapped her.

Guess he thought it was just verbal comments and thats why he was suprised “how can she SLAH-P!”

Looks like her hand did the talking.

they sound hilarious when they swear

damn straight he slapped her, cuss the man yes but to hit him was out of order

also all them pussyholes acting all big together to attack one man

Yeah man, bitch deserved it. But yeah, he did react a little too quickly. Would love to know the full story…

whoa, he started crying. like his whole world came crashing down. HOWCANSHESLAP!?!?

he was in complete and total disarray from the whole thing, everything he was raised to believe was destroyed in a second.

oh well, she looked like she got hit harder, but she wounded his pride

The video is gone (




LOL, that’s the new phrase. Curly mus… No, how can she SLAP???