Howdy, not sure if this would go here, but I thought it'd be right

Well, I’m on the fence about buying HD remix, is it really worth it? Or do I keep my wallet tight till MvC3?:confused:
Thanks guys.

buy it

if you dont mind getting your ass kicked everyday

go get it.

I find the graphics to be a major turnoff but the game itself is done right.

Sidebar: awesome avatar. Resize it and I’ll lol all day



nothing to do with hdr, but seriously mvc3 comes out next feb. if you need ask srk whether you can spend 10 bucks on yourself during the course of 2,5 months you have bigger problems than games dude.

i enjoyed it.

The most pointless reply I’ve ever seen. Do people actually enjoy being dicks on forums? He was simply asking for people’s opinions on the game and whether it would be worth getting. There’s nothing worse than getting a game and it being a let down, because then it feels like a waste of money.

Someone makes a pointless thread and you make a pointless post reprimanding someone for reprimanding the topic creator.

If this guy seriously can only muster 60 dollars in 3 months as opposed to 75 then his problems lie deeper than indecision.