How's about a nice hug? She-Hulk Karas and Set-Ups (Updated 2/19)

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, alot of normals can Kara-Cancel in this game. With She-Hulk having one of the furthest moving normals in the game (:d::h:), I’d say her Kara’s are gonna be a massive part of her fight plan.

To do this, all you need to do is input the :d::h: and immediately input the motion for the special or hyper. You can control when the Kara comes out, be it early in the slide or closer to the end, choosing to go a short distance or a much further one, respectively. Being that Shulkie is essentially a grappler, giving added range to her various specials and hypers has many obvious and versatile uses.

She-Huk can give huge added range to literally all of her specials and hypers.

Kara :l: Heavy Strike (Command Grab) :d::h::qcf::l:
Shulkies standard command grab. In a game so fast paced and twitchy it seems difficult to find an opening for this move, but with the Kara you can add a ton of range and versatility almost instantly. Third Strike Ken ain’t got shit on this.

Kara :m: Heavy Strike (Falling Sky AA Grab) :d::h::qcf::m:
One of her most practical uses of the Kara is for her Falling Sky. Very effective for keeping jump/fly happy opponents grounded. See them taking for the sky from about quarter screen distance? Slide in and WHAM. Super satisfying.

Kara :h: Heavy Strike (Running Grab) :d::h::qcf::h:
The running grab already goes pretty far, but with the kara you’re almost doubling the forward motion on an unblockable grab. Punish whiffs or just throw it out there when the time seems right. It’s still early in the games lifecycle, but you’ll most certainly find a good way to utilize this one.

Kara Running Stance :d::h::d::d::s: or :d:~:h::d:~:s:
Haven’t found a good use for this yet, but I’m sure all you crazy kids will think of something.

Kara Emerald Cannon :d::h::qcf::atk:+:atk:
We’ve all had that feeling of disdain when this thing whiffs clean when it seems like it should have hit, but using the Kara you can effectively move yourself into a much better position for punishing whiffs and such with this hyper.

Kara Taking Out the Trash :d::h::dp::atk:+:atk:
Amazing for anti-air. That’s all there is too it. A hyper that was already extremely solid just got 5x better. Normally you only have about 25% screen distance, but using the Kara you can make it almost 85% of the screen. And if you show the opponent you’ve got a good eye for landing this just once, it’ll leave them terrified to even hit the skies from full screen distance, effectively mind-fucking them.

Kara Sunday Driver :d::h::qcb::atk:+:atk:
Applications for this are fairly straight forward. Using the Kara can give you great range on this hyper, and when used in conjunction to the run/stop can be a good way to keep the opponent on their toes. Psyche them out with dashes and run/stops just out of range of the regular version, and whiff slides on occasion to bait the jump back and punish with Taking Out the Trash or Falling Sky. Also good for tic throw mixups after a block string or hit string.
*****Note that it’s very easy to mistime the cancel and accidentally activate the hyper once the slide has connected, making the hyper whiff. Use at your own discretion and make sure you practice it so you don’t end up blowing 3 bars for no reason.

Demonstrating Kara Sunday Driver:

*For anybody new to fighting games, a “Kara” is the act of canceling the startup of a normal move into a special, super or in some games, a throw. People Kara things to give them added range, which in some cases can be a huge buff for some characters and play a massive part in their game plan. *

I’ve been catching people with her Kara Falling Sky (aa grab, whatever its called) and it’s been working pretty well. Takes a bit to get used to, but it’s definitely worth it to practice. Works great vs MODOK trying to fuck with you in that odd little “right infront/above you but im not touching you” range he loves so much.

Good stuff to know, thanks.

I’m with Shoryu Reppa, the best use for kara cancel really seems to be moving under someone for :qcf::m: or possibly getting range on :qcf::h:.

Sunday driver is IMO a waste of meter, and the hitboxes for c.:h: and Driver are so close to overlapping that it makes it difficult to discern when the lv. 3 will work and when you’ll hit with the slide. I’d rather try to kara :qcf::l: than blow 3 meters.

is anyone using the :qcf: :s:~:l: cancel from chariot? i know it was talked about in the main thread, but never again after that. i mean, i don’t do it often, myself, since people tend to mash your blockstrings, but it’s good to know that you have that option.

Actually I didn’t know about that one, that’s way faster than :s:~:qcf:+:l:

I have a question about her anti-air grab and anti-air grab hyper. can neither of these moves can hit an enemy in hitstun or blockstun? so far I have found it impossible to DHC into take out the trash and have it connect. What is the best way to land either of these?

I don’t think you can ever DHC into ToT. You should only be DHC’ing into her Emerald Cannon anyway in a combo not defensively. It’s best not to abuse her :m: Heavy strike or ToT because it does have priority but it is not invincible. The only time you may have success landing the move is after an OTG reset or an undefended jump in. I have herd that Sentinels j.:s: can beat out Shulkie’s ToT. It makes me :crybaby:

Your gonna have to go to training mode to test out what ToT can and cannot beat, or the range or if it auto corrects, etc… because I don’t think anyone has all the answers yet. If I get the chance then I may make a chart of something but not in this kara thread probably the Sensational She Hulk #1 thread. Peace!

Goood stuff Reppa way to Lv. up She-hulk lol

Do you mean chariot out of slide? For ticking, I think just hit-confirming with a few cr.L’s into heavy command grab is faster since the slide lasts a while, but I haven’t compared.

I know this doesn’t technically count as a kara, but might be used with the runners stance kara mentioned in the OP. Earlier I did a slide out of range and held back at the end for a wall jump senton bomb. Neat little mixup because it put me in prime range so I could land the senton, and I was fighting a sentinel. Sent attempted to punish the slide with cr.M to fun and games but I wasn’t there. I think I absorbed the final hit of the cr.m with the senton super armor (not sure since it was mid-match) and senton hit and I got a free launch combo. This could be used to slide in and bait with a runners stance cancel to senton. Anyone willing to test this out? I did it on a whim in a match and haven’t fleshed it out yet. (Will do it myself IF I remember.)

I don’t know if this counts as a kara but can anyone explain how to cancel the senton bomb like they do in the video at the bottom of this page?

It seems that you input TAC (S+direction) as soon as the senton bomb connects. But I have trouble connecting the senton bomb after the downward spike…

Very nice find. Normally players will learn to block her lows cause she’s really good at low’s but this will work out fine.

I find that Kara-Sunday Driver is useful yes if they keep blocking your lows but it is a waste of 3 meters.

Keep finding more thing about She-Hulk so we can show all the She-Hulk haters something even more bigger.

So, long time lurker, also I thought I already had an account here, but WHATEVER SRK. Hi other she-hulk players! Since this seems to be the “grab” thread, I figured I’d post these findings I’ve been working on today here and see where the information expands to. I posted it originally in a general area thread, so that’s why I refer to “your character”

I present you the awesome she hulk reset into Taking Out The Trash.

If you do a senton cancel in the corner and hit the opponent with either standing B or C afterwards, forward air techs will not move the opponent past Jen and out of the corner. While this means you can watch and rather easily mixup or trap an opponent, it also means that against 16 characters, she gets a guaranteed TOTT, which you can combo into her normal bnb, which can lead to another Senton cancel, which will let you do the exact same thing. Basically, any hit from Jen should allow you to kill any of these 16 characters, unless I got things wrong. No assist I tried came out fast enough to stop her from grabbing the characters. Of the characters, 14 need you to use standing C to get the grab 100%, only 1 requires standing B.

Standing C: She Hulk, Hulk, Chris, Taskmaster, Haggar, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Wesker, Spencer, Ryu, Akuma, X-23, Wolverine, Zero

Standing B: Amaterasu

Of these characters, Zero is the hardest to time and get consistently. Zero also has an opportunity to mess things up that I’ll explain in a second.

Now, if a character isn’t listed, that doesn’t mean they get off scott free. Only chun li can simply air tech forward to escape the trap, everyone else needs to either jump, or airdash. If you have an 8-way air dash, either teching and air dashing up, or letting neutral tech happen and dashing down will usually get you out. If your air dash is more limited, you likely want to air dash forward. I’m going to list the special case characters that had specific ways out when I tested things here, along with Zero’s trick:
Zero should tech forward and jS, he’ll get grabbed, but the grab will go away from the corner, which means the player will need an extremely long combo to get you to the other corner and repeat the trap.
Morrigan needs to forward tech and airdash forward/up
Spiderman needs to forward tech and maximum spider, preferably after the super flash so you don’t just lose meter. Neither will hit, but I believe Spidey recovers before Jen and can corner combo her.
Sentinel and Doom can super at the super flash and will hit Jen, no other characters I tried with got the same results.

If I didn’t list your super, DO NOT MASH IT OUT. You will use the meter, and Jen will grab you. Unless you really think I forgot your super, or messed it up, then let me know.

So there you have it. If you think I may have missed a movement trick, or a very fast assist, let me know and I’ll test it. Otherwise, it is what it is.

Does Akuma’s Tenma Gozanku in the air not work against this? Is it because they’re so low Jen’s invincibility is still active? Akuma constantly stuffs my TotT advances with it if I throw out the super randomly (which is why I have to wait until they commit to a move).

Handsome Tim, first off, really good stuff. I’m going to respond to this in the reset thread though, just to keep it organized.

When I attempted to do any specials with akuma, they didn’t start up fast enough to hit Jen. I’ll keep testing to see however, as some more people have gotten back to me with things to try.

Edit for info: So akuma is interesting with his hurricane kick, I’m posting the added info in the reset thread.

I found a really stupid setup for the level 3 and I’m sure there are more like this but anyway. If you do sentinels air ultra and dhc to she hulks level 3 it works like a Kara and is super unexpected. Total gimmick and lots of meter but hey something to think about.

you can dhc into either she hulk’s level 3 or taking out the trash after amaterasu’s time slow hyper and it will connect