How's Cody's learning curve?

Hey guys, I could use some insight from a few Cody mains. I currently main Vega and have since vanilla, but I feel I could use one solid alt. Everyone needs 1 good alt, even if its just to change the pace for a bit. I’m looking at Cody , Honda , and to a much lesser extent Balrog… (I know, meh)

What little I’ve toyed with Cody, I can say I like his normals. I like having much better AA answers than I’m used to. I’ve read the beginners guides, watched some videos, studied’s tutorial vid, but I’m still on the fence when it comes to Cody v Honda. Mainly due to Cody not being charge, and his playstyle is… different. I say different because I don’t see it really as defensive like say a Guile/Deejay, and hes really not Rushdown either.

What do you enjoy about Cody, and what are your gripes w/ the character? No character is all sunshine and farts, there has to be some weak points and I’d like to know what I could be walking into down the line should I decide to seriously spend mass amounts of time learning him.

lol I used to main vega in vanilla also… crazy (Though I didn’t know how to play). Anyways I love his normals, once you hit that cr.lp its a free combo into whatever you want and its so so easy. You’re ability to counter hit and pressure is beautiful. Trust me once you get used to setting his frame traps and pressure game its over for most people. Just don’t get knocked down, and if you do make sure you got real real good blocking/teching skills.

Playing Cody at first was frustrating. I dropped his links and didn’t know how to pressure well. However I’m starting to feel very comfortable with him.

easy to learn (execution is easy, he has the easierst bnbs ingame etc) but hard to master (mind games, counterhit bait, when to rock etc)
tho, many characters have that concept. there is not a easy one. sagat and guile maybe… on an lower leven you just need one move :3

Wasn’t exactly looking for an “easiest” character, just wanted to know what I’d be stepping into, good or bad. When super dropped I put all my time into Juri and was completely dissappointed.
Didn’t want to be blindsided again. But on the good note, I’m a lot more comfortable alting Cody now after a few extra hours 'in the lab’
Originally I was more set on Honda since he’s charge, has “OhShit!” damage, and has a command throw. But as soon as I hit nj.HP-c.HP-[H]CU I was sold. To hell with a command throw lol.

(I’ll take mindgames over sonic booms any day.)

lmao welcome to the handcuffs my friend… now pick up your rock and toss em