How's Ken top tier?

I don’t get what makes Ken so great. I like playing with him because he’s easier to learn than say Yun. The only strategy I see with him is build meter and cr.short x 2 into SAIII. Like, what knockdown options does he have besides cross up mk? Is he just braindead easy or am I just missing a lot?

Crazy high/low, near/far options. Easy to turtle/go all out offense. By knockdown options, you mean what are his options on the opponent’s wakeup? If you mean that, yes you can go with cross up mk, target combo, back+mk, throw, parry, crouch shorts, dash back, etc. Anything you want to do, Ken has that option. Against a 1.5 super stocked Ken, there are so many options restricted for your opponent. Jumping EX Tatsumaki crushes any jumpers, downblocking is crushed by back+mk linked into SA. Crouching mk>SA makes poking risky. When Ken dashes in successfully, he has throw/crouching shorts into SA. Still, he IS braindead easy, so I guess you’re right^_^.

most complete, all-around character in the game, doesn’t need great execution (the only challenging stuff is the kara shoryuken, but it’s not that necessary), has multiple option for every instance you can think, can play in any style (that makes hard to fight against a Ken player you don’t know), easy damage.

Really, the only things he lacks is kara-throw and command throw.
(he would be god tier, then.)

1.[enter whatever]> Shippu! :lame:

2.shoryu-shoryueee! :encore:

3.kakatte kina! :wow:

His target combo…is that like a bread and butter essentially? If so, what is it? I like to do fierce fireball or sometimes fierce uppercut if I know it comboed. Oh and is it better to use than cr.short x 2 into super? I’ve never seen a single Ken player use cr.short x 2 into super…does this mean is just as fast and is easier to cancel into super?

cr. short xx super has to be one of kens most dangerous tools, its fast and hit confirmable , and I’m pretty sure with cr. mk you need to be buffering plus its hard to tell if it connected or not so you have to feel it out . The only reason why cr. mk might be better is because of its range, with the crouching shorts you have to be a bit close. And yes kens target combo is bread and butter mp xx fp xx super . :badboy:

you guys dunno shit, out of the top 3, yun, chun, ken, ken is the most non braindead and imo is the best. chun you don’t have to do shit, and yun if you can memorize well, just run, build meter and go on autopilot, the end. ken takes actual thinking

Fierce, back + fierce, kara throw, and UOH or crouching forward -> SA2 -> j.fierce x 2 is a lot to remember!

Not to mention wake up EX SBK, and sometimes even kikouken after the back + fiere!!!

I see wake up EX SBK…what’s up with that? Does it have a lot of priority?

has priority against a lot of low attacks.

ramza34 was right!!

Hell yea!!!

Ya damn right!!!Also,hes the most balanced.His combos just require remembering.Hes the best!

Fuck, yun takes a lot of memorizing though. True, there are basic combos that work on almost everybody, but there are a lot of variations…

Still, what you said is true, Ken always takes a lot of thinking. Chun is so simple. build meter, wait, throw random xx super.

  • Having arguably the best crossup in the game.

  • Solid high low mixup games.

  • Balance of speed and power as well as vitality and stun.

  • A plethora of ways to combo into super with ease.

Ken takes quite a bit of thought for effective use. Always having to keep in mind of mixup options and whatever options are available at certain distances and scenarios.

Yun is NOT braindead easy whatsoever. He needs more work with his mixups plus you want to memorize what genei jin customs will work on which characters. Plus against someone like Ken who can dominate over his air game requires a lot of work. Unless you know how to slip by his many options you might as well spend your time running away and building meter that won’t be spent anywhere anytime soon. Observe the current sbo final match between K.O and Daigo. Daigo understood that to dominate over an expert yun would require cutting off as many passages to yun’s air time as possible, adding on to that yun doesn’t have many solid wake up options if not any at all. Good match to watch.

he’s not top tier everyone is just REALLY REALLY good with him

Yo, Deadspace, mind showing me where I can get the link of this vid of Daigo vs. Ko…it would be nice to watch it :karate:. Anyways, it’s pretty much agreed that Ken is Top Tier, he is my favorite Top Tier to use. Ken’s got alot of gameplay, but he’s not as people have said a brain dead character to wield, although (Whatever move)>SAIII is very, very, good, Ex-Tatsu’s to own anyone in the air, great cross ups, the shit is endless, but he requires more work to be played Top Tier potential than say imo Chun Li. Chun Li…I’m serious when I say her c. mk into SAII then sj into d+mkX2 is the most f*cken annoying shit in 3rd Strike, shit takes off way too much damage, and they need to remove the damn FP button when someone chooses Chun Li :sad:

After seeing plenty of japanese vids, I conclude that 3rd strike+tier=BULLSHIT. The game is made in such a way that no character has a real advantage over another.

Akuma > Ken.

He has an air fireball.

Never play 3rd Strike again.