Hows my coloring?

i did not draw this pic, though i want to hear comments, tips and suggestions on my coloring…thanks

tip # 1 is to have a link that works. the pic won’t come up.

Well first start is to not use a soft brush. If you do that you have to use it very sparingly. Right now your light source isn’t consistant either. Its coming from the left for her face but looks like the top right for her shirt. For anime pics try to keep the blending minimal or none at all. I like that you use some yellow on her hands though.

thanks for the tips, ill try not to blend color alot…and what kind of brush and setting you think is best for anime coloring?

The burn and dodge tools are evil… dont use them.

You should clean some of your edges. It looks like you have over sprayed in some areas such as the eye or the chin and hand. As for brushes its up to you. Some people use hard brushes and some people just block in the color with the pen tool.

i’ll beat sfmc to this…and this is cause what he tells me almost everytime…shadows. your darks aren’t there. push them harder…if you squint your eyes all the color is at about the same tone.
also (and this may be a prefrence…but you’re using very saturated colors.
and the background is too close to her sking tone which i find very distracting…bitch gots active cameo going on!
keep it up though.

just quickly changed the bg…colored the strap…part of the hair…teeth…but mainly wanted to see a different bg.

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