How's the competitive scene for Mahvel 2?


Haven’t really played any fighting games or gone to any tournaments in a year or so, I’m considering playing Mahvel 2 but I’m assuming most people have moved onto UMvC3


EVO is the main tourney where we show up. there’s Final Round but not as many people go there. socal has tourneys at the arcades pretty frequently.

after that theres online


For a more comprehensive answer…

It’s a damn small group left playing… but that group is pretty damn good at this point. Anyone who is ever going to move on to umvc3 has done so… so those left playing marvel 2 are pretty much in it for the long haul at this point.

In cali or nyc… you can still hit local tournaments decently often… but other than that there are only a few bigger nationals where you can play… and even then the comp tends to be few in number and rather beastly.

As far as online goes… the scene is truly representative of how fucking awesome the game is… as you can get casuals 24 hours a day… days a week… against all different comp levels. That is both on psn and xbl… …honestly I think you can find marvel 2 matches online easier than any other fighting game including sf4 series.


I am shocked and disappointed that you didn’t mention NYCR (NYC Resurrection). It was a major that featured MvC2.


^This guy right here. Lol.

It’d be best to play it online IMO. shrugs


I don’t see what is funny about what I wrote. It is true.

Also, Mad Titan flew to NYC to go to NYCR.


I mentioned nyc as a place where you could still find a tourney. I need to make it back out there this fall. If you do another one around the same time of year I’m in.