Hows the pc community size vs. PS3/360?

I was playing HD remix for a little while, and I’m thinking of migrating to SF4 (PC) because there’s hardly anyone on HD remix it seems (even Quick match sometimes turns up nothing) and because I prefer to play games in private vs. the living room so my parents don’t have to watch me suck on lemons. But do PC/ps3/360 gamers all connect with eachother, or can PC players only play other pc players? Are there alot more people on console vs. pc?

It’s decent enough that I own a 360 and PC version of the game. It’s not tiny, but yes, the consoles have a bigger pool without a doubt.

I find the game, funner on PC for some reason. Must be my PC roots.

Oh, and no, PC and Consoles are not on the same networks. 360 and PC both use live, but you can’t play someone on the 360 and the PC sadly. (M$ continues to waste a possibly amazing feature by segregating the PC side of gaming with their console.)

PC: …
360/Ps3: …

i got it for PS3 and PC. I cant understand why Microcrap throws this opportunity away…But i think it is because paying isue^^

Yeah I find it best to just sit in arcade mode and wait for players. Most nights on PC version I cannot even finish the first arcade match without “a new warrior has entered the ring”. Plus almost all the time I have really good connections to players that way if you set your preferences to match by stability.