How's you first get into fighters?

For me, it was 9th grade. A friend of mines had showed me this program called M.U.G.E.N. You could put in hundreds of fighters from almost any fighting game imaginable and have an all out brawl. First time I’ve ever heard of Street Fighter and I eventually learned all of the SF chars that were in my version of MUGEN (I had like 30 chars mostly Third Strike and alpha chars). Ken was my favorite. Kept using him most of the time in MUGEN. 2008 came along and I had heard they were making a SF4 and I was so excited. When SF4 came out in February 09 I got it on the first day it came out. Ever since, I’ve been in love with fighters since then.

What’s your story?

A handful of quarters…an arcade at the local mall…and a lot of time on my hands.

MSHvsSF at a taco shop. About 6 or 7. Spidey/Wolverine 4 lyfe.

About 9 and my neighbor got World Warrior. End of story.

Killer Instinct at the local arcade when I was like 5 xD

There was a King of Fighters cabinet in the airport waiting lounge whenever I was flying back from Brazil after visiting my family. I’d play with my cousins until it was time to go. After the trips became less and less frequent, the interest waned and was forgotten. A friend buying the new Mortal Kombat (and someone else getting Blazblue Continuum Shift simultaneously) led to renewed interested.

Laundromat on the weekends. SFII Cab and Multi-Game Neo-Geo Cab

Well, my first exposure was through the old SF2 cabinets that used to be at a mall my family and I go to. I remember picking Chun-Li because she was cute and got my ass handed to me by Dhalsim. I couldn’t have been older than six.

In terms of continuous exposure, that would have to be Tekken 3. My uncle used to have a Playstation and that was one of the games I played a lot of, especially with my[S] brother[/S] sister (don’t have a brother, lol) and cousin, only to get them mad with my Xiaoyu. I didn’t really “find myself” in FGs though until SF4 where my past mains in other fighting games actually lined up nicely.

I had wanted to get into competitive play earlier with Melee and Brawl, but due to a lack of knowledge, I ended up skipping out on it and started with SF4, but my first real tournament wasn’t until SSF4.

World Warrior cabinet in the entrance of a local video rental store. I was eight. The day I was able to go to the store and buy a SNES copy of my very own is still crystal clear in my memory. Not because the game was awesome and I was bouncing off the walls excited, but because my mom took issue with the description on the back of the box. “…Dhalsim incinerates you with his mystical yoga flame!?” I was ten years old. This is pre-ESRB, natch.

16 megs of hard-hitting martial arts action! 16 megs!

I guess I can divide this into different parts.

Street Fighter 2 got me into FG’s when I played it on the SNES with my brother. It blew my mind because I was used to mashing buttons and with this game, I couldn’t do it. Being 8 years old, it took me a year to do a Hadoken consistently.

King of Fighters 97/Street Fighter Alpha 2 is where I truly started learning how deep the genre was and I started learning stuff like match ups and developing my own strategies.

marvel vs capcom at a bus station when I was about 8 or 9 me and my bro wasted at least 20 bucks playing lol

Street Fighter II on the SNES.

I started back when i was 5 i believe. My first fighter was CvS and then CvS2. I stop playing fighters like in 07 but went back when super came out. All I pretty much play is Street Fighter now…I might get into Tekken too.It looks fun

I was kidnapped by pirates and the only way to return to freedom was to beat them in a trial by combat, so I cleverly too advantage of them having hooks for right hands by challenging them to arcade games.

MVC2 when I was 7. My dad and I played all the time because he didn’t trust me playing his Dreamcast alone lol. I got so angry because he would always win and never teach me how to do the special moves. Then, my dad got me SFA1 for PS1. I loved it even though I only got to stage 2 in arcade mode lol (again didn’t know how to do special moves). I got into Brawl, then I got mugen, then I watched sfa3 videos, then fell in love with my avatar, then sf4 came out and here I am.

When I was 5 my dad and I rented a Playstation 1 from Hollywood Video and I got Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams. Then later that year he got me a Sega Saturn and I rented X-Men: CoTA quite a few times. Sadly though I never bought either of those games and now I really wish I had.

My dad got me a Snes and he bought me Streetfighter 2 Super mario world and Megaman.I guess this is why im such a Huge Fan od megaman and streetfighter.

my dad also use to own an arcade this really brings back good memories

My parents made me choose between Street Fighter 2 or Jungle Book on SNES. I couldnt beat arcade so that’s what kept me playing :lol:

If smash bros doesn’t count, then I started taking fighting games seriously just before EVO 2K8 (otherwise 2006 or 2007 with Melee)

First FG I played was either Tobal No.1 or Tekken 3 when I was about 5 or 6. Both very fun games to this day.

If you want to count even earlier, I played SSB64 when I was 4 or 5.

At some point during my wee years my brothers got a SNES and a Genesis, while before then they picked up an NES. My childhood videogame memories from around that time include foggy revallings of falling off those floating pink heads in Air Man’s stage, soaring through Boo mansions in Super Mario World, trundeling around 16-bit Hyrule, blindly running through caverns in Super Metroid, getting my brother to attempt to get at least somewhere in Super GnG (game still makes me salty), doing what Sonic does best, getting my little hands RPG-dirty with Mario RPG and Final Fantasy 6/3, and most importantly, getting bodied and bodied and bodied by my brother’s Chun while I struggled with Sim in WW. Then switching to Honda and getting bodied by my brother’s Sim. Then watching my brother and his friends duke it out on a more even playing field.

After those days, I just played whatever was at the arcades (MvC, MvC2, CvS2, etc.) and got more into RPG’s. It wasn’t until a few years ago where I began to take a mild interest in 3S and Alpha 3, then tried out SF4, couldn’t really get into it, got an emulator, and here I am.