How'ta punish urien with oro?



tell me some tips …

and especially safety


punish urien doing what?

oro’s standing mk goes over his

u can dash under his and do if u see that he st.mks quite a bit


The problem with this fight is that oro is really defensive and Urien takes care of those players easilly with the reflectors in front of him. You can’t afford just standing there and building meters and attacking is hard for oro. I think this is one of his harder match-ups.

Here’s what i do. I choose tengu as super. When the fight begins i try to take it easy and let urien build his meter as i build mine. Should he attack immediatly i’d welcome him with my crazy legs. As soon as i have around 75% meter ready i try to go for a knockdown > tengu. Thing with this is that it’s not even safe. Should Urien build enough meter it can be really hard getting a chance to attack him.

The most safe thing is to attack in this match-up. Or so i think.


I have really hard times against Urien’s rushing shoulder attack. Even if i block it, Urien gets pushed away far enough for Oro’s crouching kicks to connect. Any ideas on how to punish this one (before Urien recovers of course)?


thats the thing: its hard to punish when blocked but when parried its it time for a damaging combo especially if you have tengu!
oros fireball will go thru reflectors i hear as long as you are close enough. i saw in a vid cant one poke from a tengu break the reflector?
with reflectors and aa fireballs, remember you have double jump as a last resort, especially if you are already in the air. your priority is good so u can beat most stuff with your roundhouse.
uriens wake ups arent the best so mix it up with your mk to command throw and hp overhead.


That’s correct, one kick during regular Tengu (and EX Tengu, obviously) completely destroys an Aegis. But wait, there’s more! Destroying the Aegis this way glitches the rocks; they may now hit Urien without even having to press a button. Watch Man of Gold again to see it. I destroy the Aegis, then simply walk up to Urien (and jump over for the last rock). He gets hit.

Funny thing with this glitch: lose the match to Urien with the glitch active. If he does the dash-up-and-fake-a-slam winpose, he’ll dash into the rocks and get hit, TRY AGAIN and get hit again, and just stay in his neutral pose until the grade judge / win quote screen.


man of gold 2! :clap:


I’ll think about it after my student teaching gig is over… I do have a fair bit of new shit. A lot of it useless but cool anyway.