Howto: Cherry Mod a JLF(Video)

Hey guys,

People always seem to ask whenever someone post a Cherry modded JLF so I made a (not so) quick video tutorial on how to do it. It’s in 3 parts and the 3rd part is currently processing right now(should be ready by the time you read this). Part one is uploaded in HD but took forever so I uploaded part 2 and 3 in a lower resolution. If you guys feel you want or need them in HD just let me know and I’ll put the HD versions up(or if you know a place that will upload them faster that would be great, took me like 4 hours to upload a 100MB video in HD).

Part one can be found here:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Check my channel out later for the next video. Suggestions always welcome.

I just did a quick 9 min video explaining how to hook a JLF up to a non-common ground PCB so that will be my next video(should be up tomorrow or maybe tonight). Any further suggestions for videos are welcome(no case building or painting though, they would just take way to long).

Really helpful videos, thanks for taking the time to do them.

Am I right in assuming your next video is how to wire up a JLF without replacing the switches? As I ordered a JLF and then found out my controller wasn’t common ground so emailed them to ask if I could add cherry switches to my order but not sure if they’re going to let me. Anyway, if I’m assuming right one of your videos is going to be a real help…

Well I could do one about just wiring it up but that doesn’t really involve much work. My next one(it’s rendering right now, going to take a hour or so) walks you through the process of wiring it to a non common PCB. I don’t actually wire it(it’s already wired) but I explain how to get the switches ready and give you a quick tour of the one thats already wired.

Yeah sorry thats what I meant. Anyway, I look forward to it,

I can not look on this mod.
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Forgive my “noobiness” but i’m just curious why would you do this? Does it make it better in some way, if so how?

From what I’ve read I don’t think it necessarily makes it better, just different. Some people prefer it and some people don’t. I think one of the main reasons people switch them is because the JLF uses a common ground and they have a non-common ground controller PCB and they don’t want to cut traces/desolder switches on the JLFs PCB.

It lets you use a JLF with a non-common ground PCB without any gross scratching of the JLF PCB.

How is this mod in terms of feel?

Ah, I see. Thanks for the answers guys. :china:

This is true, but many people like the feel of a JLF with the more sensitive Cherry switches, especially with the addition of an extra spring to fix the spring tension.
Just saying.

IMO, it makes the stick feel more sensitive (switches click with less force than normal), but at the cost of quick return-to-center unless you add another spring to increase the joystick’s pull toward neutral. Cherry switches are hella cheap, so just buy 4 and try them yourself. You just might like it.

People just ask how a lot so I figured I’d let them know. Basically it changes the feel. When you press forward on the joystick with the Omrons you can tell you are pressing a button, with the Cherries you can’t. I find that people who prefer Happ joysticks prefer the feel of a Cherry modded JLF over a stock JLF.

Next video is uploading right now(it’s a big one so it probably won’t be fully ready for a couple of hours). It walks you through attaching the JLF to a non-common ground PCB with Omron switches(same applies for Cherries). Should be useful to a larger amount of people then this one.