HOWTO: Disable that awful lobby music (PC only)


If you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy the Street Fighter 4 music in the menu, or the training stage for that matter

This is a cruddy workaround to turn it off completely by replacing the music file with an empty file

(if you just delete the music file, SF4 crashes …)

Step 1. Go to your Street Fighter 4 directory

Step 2. Go to this subfolder:

Street Fighter IV\Battle\System

Step 3: Make a new folder called “Backup” or something to that effect

Step 4: Move “BGM_TRN.csb” to your “Backup” folder (this is the training stage music, if you want to keep it then skip ahead to the next folder)

Step 5: Create a “New Text Document”, and name it to “BGM_TRN.csb” (be sure to replace the .txt at the end of the file, this may be hidden if you have the default folder view settings)

Step 6: Go to this folder now:

H:\Games\Street Fighter IV\Game\Sound

Step 7: Replace this file: BGM_MAIN_OM.csb with a blank text file like we did in step 5


What, you don’t wanna be IN-DE-STRUCTIBLE?


Laaaaaaaast man staaaaaaaaaaaaaaanding


If only this worked on 360. :sad:


Aww!!! Why would you want to disable such a cool song???


I’m assuming this only works for the PC version.


Cheers for that.

Replaced the menu music with the Ending Music file. Much better. :slight_smile:


But I like the title song, well the Jap version anyway, i’ve heard much worst…not as good as the SF2 opening theme though, but will admit it does get annoying after you’ve heard it for the 100th time in a row.

Now if i’d only get the bloody game already, just got an email from Capcom that they are out of stock (i’m guessing it’s the control pad they have sold out of not the game itself) So who knows when more will be in stock…talk about lame I bloody well ordered the game two months ago the day they announced the package and they waren’t prepared to meet the demand for the pre-orders from two months…Capcom have lost allot of kudo points for this again…though it’s mainly Madcatz who can’t seem to meet demand.


But that song is #1 :frowning:


Here we go again!

I can feel it coming over me, I feel it all around me.
I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, it’s my destiny!
Cuz the fight inside of me, it’s waiting to come up now.
No matter what, no matter how,
I know I’ll make it through somehow!

Cuz when the road feels too long
I’ll still be holding on,
I’m gonna keep on going,
I know I’ll be strong!



I wont let nobody take me down!


Nothing’s gonna stop me now!


Gonna, gonna make it gonna keep on coming!


The last man standing!

I’m waiting for whatever,
I’m never giving up!
Nothing can break my spirit,
Got to save my strength to fight!




I’m sure it WOULD work on the 360/PS3, considering that they appear to have done the BARE MINIMUM necessary to port this game to the PC, I’m sure the 360 and PS3 games have the same directory structure

You’d just have to extract the contents of your game disc, modify them, and somehow get them back onto a legitimate game disc…


Prrrreeeettttttyyyyy sure it would get illegal at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fix to remove bg music entirley without editing any files (it was pissing me off also) -

See rest of thread for instructions if you don’t know what to do with the numbers in the post I link to.


That song should be the new rick-roll, haha


I’m waiting for tha weiner

i never get enough


Why is everyone focusing on the theme song? OP clearly mentioned the agonizing training stage music too, which is just a piece of crap, just like the one in CVS2. At least MVC2’s training stage was happy go lucky.

I’ll make sure to put Indestructible as the training stage music.


Good call, I should edit the original post with instructions for replacing all music in game with the theme song

Actually I like the theme song and the training stage song, but having to hear the first 20 seconds of that theme song every time I finish a match gets old, as does hearing the training stage music for hours and hours of mind-numbingly repetitive combo practice…


While it isn’t cheating, just a heads up that MS may eventually start banning for modified files online, no matter how harmless.


That “awful” lobby music gets me through my work day dammit.


Thanks for that, although the intro to the song does get a little catchy admittedly.

It’d be nice to be able to replace it with some other music like a track from an older SF (without having to play it through a media player in the background)