Howto: JLF to non-common ground PCB(Video)


Just a quick overview on a few ways you can install your JLF to a non-common ground PCB.

Thanks, my JLFs not arrived yet so it was useful to see how to disconnect the switches from the PCB so I know what to expect.

Rather than do a full video, can you just post the wiring schematic? When you say “some buttons share the same ground”, that really doesn’t help us much when it comes to replicating what you did. A schematic would clear up all those questions.


The diagrams on slagcoin, like this one, show which points share the same ground.

Sorry about that. I assumed everyone who is looking at modding videos has been to slagcoin. I’ll post it up in the description of my videos from now on. Thanks for that input though, thats exactly the kind of insight I need, simple stuff that may be trivial to me but totally new to you.

Heads up on the next video!!!

I spend all day today with a Wii Hori stick(whooowho right?) well I completely modded it with Sanwa snap ins and a JLF and a 360 PCB(the one in this video actually). I got a couple of hours of video I need to edit and upload so look for it sometime in the next day or two.

what did you make that arcade stick with? looks like some sort of toolbox or something

Yeah it was just some cheap $5 “odds and ends” case from Wal-Mart. I bought it as a temp case until my Wii Hori arrived. All the stuff in that case is now in the Wii Hori. The first part of the Wii Hori videos is rendering now and I’m gone to bed so I wont be able to start uploading until tomorrow.

lol thats cool

might make a decent budget stick