Howto Shoryuken Uppercut - Z Motion or Forward-Hadoken?


I can’t get consistent shoryuken uppercuts on my arcade stick. I’ve been practicing a week and they are pretty random wether it comes off or not. If I piano the buttons they come out more. Is that needed?

Also should I do the z motion or forward-then-hadoken. When I do the latter half the time Ryu spits out a fireball instead of shoryuken.


If you are using windows, try this with the input HUD display so you can check if your input is clean

There is no secret to it except doing it clean and fast.

This is the street fighter 2 engine, shit does insane damage so srk isn’t supposed to come out easy (it’s easier than SF 1) if you dont do it fast.

The Z motion and forward then fireball are essentially the same.
It’s just a twitch once you get used to it.

There is another way to do it, from crouching position, as explained by XSPR in this pic

You start at red and do a small 360 circle back to where you started.

I personally find it way easier to do Z in 1p side and small circle in the 2p side.

Z is easier to combo from standing fierce and small circle is easier to combo from crouching low forward.

BTW there are also some beginner to intermediate players on ggpo. Playing the CPU is also fun when you just want to practice your SRK on reaction.


It took a while for me too to get used to do the shoryuken consistently. The key for it is practice and practice and more practice, and it will come out eventually.
I used training mode cheat with input display on mame-rr, you can see the setup in this video:


There is Pasky’s ST hud that shows how much of the motion you’ve done. The display may not be as fancy as my Vsav scripts, but it’s there.


Definitely don’t do forward-fireball for the reason you mentioned. The easiest way for me to do it on square gate is to make sure you mash the corner as hard as you can.