HP Reflect into Spiral combos mid-screen?



So I am currently dicking around with Rose in training mode and here I thought it was possible to land cr.HP xx HP.Reflect xx Hk.Spiral in Ultra but it doesn’t seem to work. Which is weird because I remember testing this directly after buying Ultra and back then I managed to do it, even though the timing window was very difficult to hit.

I can land HP.Reflect, HK.Spiral and also cr.HP xx HP.Reflect, ex.Spiral but not a full meterless punish.

So what’s the deal here? Does it only work against certain characters? Does it work at all? Is the BnB for mid-screen punishes still cr.HP xx HK.Spiral and only cr.HP xx HP.Reflect, ex.Spiral when I want to spend one more meter for 44 more damage? Or does it generally work and the timing is just REALLY specific?


I think it’s a combination of character specifics, and what move(s) you hit before the hp reflect for it to work outside the corner to link into a non ex-SS (for example landing it off a deep jump-in probably helps). I don’t think it has a reliable use against anyone outside the corner, however using it with EX SS is absolutely worth it for the 1 meter imo because of the 200 stun buff. St. hp xx hp reflect > EX ss does 460 stun for 1 meter, and also gives good corner push.


Unless the character is big it doesn’t wlrk midscreen without bar. The only way to get a meterless punish midscreen is to lsnd :hp: reflect midscreen without pushing any buttons before the reflect. Honestly it’s not really worth it to land this at all unless you traded with something


you are better off AAing with soul piede and then go for spiral for juggle imo


But it’s reasonable if you’re using c.HP xx HP reflect as a frame trap that hits, then do EX spiral to get your damage.


only if you miss your frame trap you are -7 D:


totally worth it though :smiley: MP reflect is safer, just can’t nab anything extra.