HP srk, anti-airs, and connecting ultra/super from anti-airs


With ryus new hp srk are any of you finding this useful as an anti air? It is quite hard to get what feels like a frame perfect anti air with srk for full damage. It also tends to trade quite a lot if you do not nail the AA on the first frame or 2. This is leading me to believe that ryus hp srk isnt really that great for jump ins. Has it always been this way with AA srks? Any tips on timing HP srk to get the full damage on a jump in? Is there any reason to even use hp srk over mp srk which offer more invisiblity frames?

Early jab srk juggled to ultra/super - does anyone even use this? I rarely see this used and it seems so easy to connect. Same thing with j.mp, I never see it used anymore.

I must be missing something here. I have no issues AA’ing something, yet timing a hp srk to get the full damage seems nearly impossible at times and not worth the risk. Hopefully someone can clue me into what I may be doing wrong.

I much prefer HP SRK to AA for the extra damage but it has to be done very meaty to get the full 160 dmg.If you aren’t doing your AA SRKs from crouching then that might be the source of your problem.As for LP SRK anti-air,I find it useful in a few ocassions but it has to be done very early,meaning by the time you hit them you arent getting full SRK damage,and all of your invincibility frames are gone,leaving it very susceptible to trading.j.MP is also unreliable and unsafe as if it doesn’t connect properly you can whiff ultra,and it requires you to jump at your opponent,meaning if they dont jump you leave yourself open to be anti-aired.

As for doing SRK’s from crouching,if you arent doing it already you should really practice them,it lowers your hitbox making it much easier to get full damage from MP or HP SRK and giving you more time to react with anti air.There is a shortcut I recommend using to do it.

It seems if you’re going to be srking a jump in you are not crouching in the first place. Are you suggesting to crouch after I confirm a jump in before srk?

example - 1) ken jumps in 2) ryu “hey he jumped lets srk him” 3) ryu crouches and than srks?

Well I like to stay crouched at around jump range when I think they will jump,that way if i see the jump I am ready to input the shortcut

to be consistent with HP SRK anti-air , downforward, down, downforward. its still 3 input so its as fast and you have more time to do it since your
hitbox is lower. Same thing if you want to be consistent auto-correcting SRK.