I don’t really play Ken, but when I was goofing around in Training, I noticed that strong, fierce, hp srk xx SA3 is a feasible combo if you cancel into super after the srk’s first hit. But I’ve never seen this used in a match/video. It’s always strong, fierce, hadouken xx SA3. HP srk instead of hadouken does more damage, but why don’t I ever see this? Is it really that much harder for some people to execute? (Or is the hadouken a much safer move to do in terms of execution?) Or is this actually more common than I know? Or do I need to go watch more match videos? All of the above?

HP Shoryuken weakens Shippu by a lot, and doesn’t Strong-Fierce xx HP Shoryu whiff most of the time?

s. strong, s. fierce x fierce Shoryu does not work on everyone. most reliable scenario is vs. characters with wide crouching hitboxes, i.e., Alex, Dudley and Ibuki.

best thing to do is s. strong, s. fierce xx Shippu.

although putting a Hadouken in there doesn’t have a huge effect on reduction, it’s still red/blue parry bait.


The most highest hitting easy combo for ken is close standing fierce, strong shoryu, then cancel the first hit of the shoryu into SA3. You can use this whenever you block chun2 super art then parry the last hit and do it. Just do Standing Fierced–Strong Shoryu, then just one Quarter Circle Forward Motion and drum the kick buttons.

yeah it works a lot. It does more damage than most other combos Ken has.

And kal, that Avatar is the shit. did you make that?

the damage gets scaled when you cancel out from the fp shoryuken. The best ways to get that combo in is to poke a little and trade hits and when you sense hes gonna poke fp shoryuken sa3 cancel. Its risky but it does pay off and you get a free knockdown out of it. Even parry fp shoryken sa3 cancel works. After the parry, you still have their hitbox in front of you and you can just shoryu sa3 cancel. I use this as part of my offense frequently. The fp shoryuken has great invicibility. If the opp tries to distance you with c.mk or c.mp the shoryuken wins all the time.

so your poking their poke with fp shoryuken sa3 cancel get it? kinda like how you can shoryuken the shit out of dhalsim in ssf2t. Same concept new game

s.strong, s.fierce, hp srk, sa 3 works on everyone

if you get a corner ground cross up that combo works all day

and deals the same damage as st.mp, st.hp xx SA3

Sc.Stg-S.FrcxxSA3 is actually Ken’s most damaging option really.

i dont get your abbreviations cause there fucked up

but kens most damaging combo from the ground is is fp,mp srk, sa3 cancel

his mp,fp, sa3 cancel might be the same damage but it doesnt look as cool plus mp,fp,sa3 cancel is kinda hard to do

^He was talking about s.Strong-Fierce xx Shippu, and yes, s.Fierce xx strong Shoryu xx Shippu is Ken’s strongest standing combo.

strong fierce hado shippu is weak. strong fierce dp shippu is weak. just do strong fierce shippu unless you need need need the meter.

that shit is to fast and only does a few more hits of damage id rather take the fireball buffer

It’s not DOA, you can’t parry in hitstun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does drummin the kick buttons actually do anything or it just something to do while you watch the super. I know this one guy and he and all his 3S friends also do the same.

If you mean drumming the kick for inputs then yes. Drumming the kicks will increase your chances of hitting the super by 3x, but anything after that is just for fun. I even drum my kicks after the super landed for fun.

LMAO that’s what I was thinking when I was reading it! I was like “wtf is he trying to say? supercancel medium punch???”