HQ game sprite test

I got bored today, and I was whining to a friend about the quality of modern 2d sprites (besides super-sexy guilty gear). After a short debate, I started thinking of things I can do to make a high quality sprite…especially since I have almost zero 2d art talent. My experience is all in 3d. I began mulling over a few ideas in my head, and I came up with a pipeline to make a cell-shaded character rendered into a 2d sprite…and it’s only a 12 color palette. Obviously I could do this at any resolution I want. This is actually a 50% scale of my final original render, so it has a couple minor artifacts.


Now, ignore the fact that the animation is boring as crap, because I only spent about 2 minutes setting up the actual motion. I was just seeing what was possible without investing too much time. After I figured this junk out, I’m pretty sure I could rip out an animation in a few hours with little effort.

The character is one I had modeled previously (he’s in my avatar, and on the front of my arcade stick currently being completed by koi. He wasn’t exactly designed for this, but I just reached for the nearest model that wouldn’t look like crap rendered in this style.

I think it holds some potential. If I weren’t in the middle of another game project right now, I’d consider getting some people together to work on a 2d fighter. :wink:

Maybe I’ll just do something lame like make a MUGEN character just for the hell of it.