HRAP 2 modding troubles~!

Yeah, so recently I changed all the buttons in my HRAP2 to those skeletal Seimitsu buttons, you know the ones that screw in? I love the buttons and all, definitely what I wanted, but the problem is that the damn things will literally ‘unscrew’ themselves randomly. The button still works fine, but just when I thought I had screwed the button tightly enough, it seems to undo itself.

Any tips / advice? Should these buttons not really be in this stick? Are they known to do this? Do I suck?


Could bust out the pliers, barring that maybe a small amount of Super Glue to keep them in place? (a SMALL amount, so you can take em out, should hold them in though.)

teflon tape the threads… it’s a common plumbing supply so you can find it at the local hardware store.

When I took apart an X-Arcade Solo Joystick to replace the buttons, the stock buttons had a small amount of glue on the threads. It was just enough to hold them securely in place, and little enough to remove them if need be.

Snap-ins would have been ideal, but just grab some glue, maybe some pliers, apply a very thin coat of glue on the upper thread, hand-screw as tight as you can, then gold the bottom portion of the thread and tighten with the pliers until it’s nice and tight, and let it sit for atleast a few hours. You could even apply a small amount to the top of the plastic nut, so it secures to the bottom-side of the panel, for extra security, but apply very little. That’s what I’d do.

I’d say use a small amount of hot glue just cuz it will be easier to remove when needed, it peels right off.

Snap-In’s would’ve been the way to go. But I have screw-in’s on my custom that, after a while, start to unscrew themselves also. I just tighten them as hard as I can using a flat head for leverage. It’s not big deal since the only thing holding the case together is really strong magnets.

All the glue suggestions seem ideal.