HRAP 2 problems

ok so i installed a some new sanwa buttons in my HRAP 2, and it worked fine for a while, but now i have a new problem

in the 3s character select screen, itll select a character for me without me pressing a button. Not in any other menus, just char select. I think the issue is with my pcb, or did i make a mistake installing buttons? Has anyone else had this problem before?

So, does this problem happen during the match? Find out what button’s acting up while playing at least.

Also, make sure you check if you didn’t automatically leave one of the auto-fire switches on.

I think 3rd Strike doesn’t have an input detector to see what button is being pressed, so you might want to plug another random game in, like Alpha anthology or CvS2, and turn on the input display.

Make sure no wires are being crossed on the inside.

this problem doesn’t occur during matches, and doesn’t occur in other games.

Ill check the wires