HRAP 2 SA with Converters and a 120GB Slim PS3 for sale


I’m selling my HRAP 2 SA for $300 shipped (US only) which comes with its original box and a Xconverter 360, a inPin PS2 to PS3 converter, a Total Control Plus PS2 to Dreamcast converter, and a Cube JoyBox PS2 to GameCube converter.

The cable for the stick has been wrapped with electrical tape near where it connects to the stick and has been like that since I’ve had it. Other than that, the stick is in good condition and works perfectly.

SOLD-I’m also selling my slim 120 GB PS3 model # CECH-2001A for $170 shipped. It comes with one DualShock 3 controller + charger cable, and a third party composite/component cable.


Can u post a pic of the converters ? N does the ps3 work perfectly?


Yes, the ps3 works perfectly.


I wouldn’t mind buying that ps3. I’ve needed a new one since December now.


was hopeing u had that 1 to buy off u


I may hit you up about the ps3 Friday when my paycheck comes in.


what’s the current system software version on the PS3?


Current version 4.11. The console’s HDD has been formatted and reset to it’s factory defaults.


Pm’ing about the ps3.


PM sent.


PS3 is sold.


Do you still have to Total Control Plus converter?

I know that you are selling it with the HRAP but can you make the exception? Thanks.