HRAP 3 Dead?


Entered my first tourny yesterday. I came and played a little then went to bed. My Hrap was working perfectly.

The next day, it doesn’t work? I usually play on PC, and when I plugged it in, it said the “usb device was unrecognizable”. I then tried it on my ps3 and it wouldnt detect it at all. I plugged it back into my pc and it does not detect at all. Its not in the device manager or anything.

Is my HRAP dead? I don’t have the warranty anymore since i changed up the art and changed out the buttons for sanwas…



Can you solder at all? It’s most likely just a bad USB cord or even just a bad solder joint connecting the cord to the pcb.


time to open up one of your sixaxis and order an axisdapter


I’ve got 0 experience in soldering… unfortunately. Is it possible to just get a replacement usb cord? Kinda want to leave replacement of the pcb as a last resort…


sixaxis + axisdapter is a solderless operation. i did this for my hrap3 and the wireless playing is good stuff.


Sounds like a good alternative that I need to think about.

Official sony sixaxis/ds3 cost a lot though! unless theres a place to get it for cheap?


If your located in the US, the price is really quite reasonable. Check out here to find out prices and delivery charges:-


I was actually talking about the official sony controllers. The axisdapter is at a very reasonable price