HRAP 3 for PS3


Well i have a had an Hori Real arcade pro for ps3 since they were released, and recently when i was playing the game i got a notification at the the top of the screen that said that To much power was being supplied to the USB devices please unplug one This in turn made my Hori just shut off now it does this on other peoples PS3’s also and my friend has the White one and it doesnt do that at all but when i plugged in his and mine at the same time the note came up and still my controller went off. Now this must be the result of one of the PS3 updates, has anybody else encountered theis and if so how did you remedy this…ANT HELP WILL BE APPricated THANX


Never have that problem on my PS3 with my HRAP 3. Sounds like something wacky is going on with the electronics in yours =/.


I dont know what to do since arcade sticks for a ps3 are like rare ass hell so i dont know what to do now you have any ideas? Im listining


My ps3 is updated, and my HRAP 3 does not behave like this when I have it and a MadCatz SE plugged in. Since your HRAP 3 behaves the same way with other PS3, it’s likely your stick’s internals. Call Hori is my best advice.


There might be a short or something, do you still have a warranty available on it?


ya definitely call hori and see what you should do to resolve it