HRAP 3 = HRAP 2 Basically?

So I nabbed an HRAP 3 and want to do my [first ever] mod using this stick. I don’t know if making this thread is in any violation, since to be honest my question is from another thread, but I felt this would be better than hijacking the other one like I feel I did…lol :slight_smile:

Anyways, here’s my issue, thanks in advance for the replies!

As I’ve said, I plan to mod the HRAP 3. Since this is my first mod, I’m partial to using the guides I can find in SRK as they’ve always been extremely helpful. Basically as my topic title suggests, I’m curious if I could basically follow the HRAP 2 guide to swapping out the Hori generic buttons, with either Sanwa OBSF-30 or (What’d I’d prefer) Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30. Here’s the particular things I’d like to do:

  • Swap out the Hori generic buttons with Sanwa OBSF-30. I prefer the nice translucent look of some of the Seimitsu buttons, but I hear Sanwa buttons are better for fighters. I sort of like the idea of sensitive buttons, but is the performance really any difference? If not I really would prefer the LOOK of the Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30 buttons.

  • Switch the BALL TOP (not the whole stick) to a Seimitsu LB-39 ball top. I also read that it was compatible with the JLF series. Correct me if I’m wrong but the HRAP 3 has a JLF-TP-8Y-SK, as in it’s compatible, correct? I don’t plan on swapping out the entire stick since the JLF series seems great to me, though feel free to point out if any other stick is [by fact] better than the JLF. If it’s personal pref, then I’ll stick with the JLF-TP-8Y-SK stock.

  • (Not necessary, but I’d like to do this if I can) Swap out the Start + Select buttons for the old fashioned P1 and P2 logo buttons :slight_smile: I just like the look. Anyways the two I found on lizardlick are Happ player imprint and Yenox player imprint—will either fit the St + Sel buttons in the HRAP 3, and installation the same as the rest of the buttons??

I wanted to make sure all these parts are the correct ones I’m looking for, etc.

So, can I use the HRAP 2 guides to swapping out the buttons???

Again, thank you very much for your replies in advance!

Yes you can. The only thing that you can’t do is put an LS-32 in there but since you’re fine with the JLF thats not an issue. You should be fine following the guides, thats what I did and it worked out great.

You probably wont be able to fit the GIANT Happ or Yenox buttons without some serious drilling or sanding. Anything is possible but that might be a bit of work.

Sweet, so I CAN fit the Seimitsu LB-39 ball top on top of the JLF stock stick? Great thanks!

Ah, I see. Anyone have measurements of the st + sel buttons holes on the HRAP 3??

Thanks a bunch you two.

EDIT: Oh and just to be clear, will Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30 buttons fit just as well/easy as OBSF-30s???

Start and Select are 24mm.

The Seimitsu and Sanwa buttons are the same size, 30mm, hence the numbers.

Doh, of course. I think I had a brain lapse D: Thanks.

Can anyone comment on that?
I’m facing the same problem. I know this has been covered a lot of times before, and I know this is a matter of personal taste. But since I need to order a lot of buttons in a variety of colors (to see which one fits my artwork better), it’s going to be really expensive ordering 16 Sanwa’s and 16 Seimitsu’s.

Spending 100 bucks on buttons is not what I had in mind when modding a HRAP3.
I’d really prefer just ordering one brand.

So what’s the deal with Sanwas vs Seimitsu’s in terms of feel/performance?
How noticeable is the difference in sensitivity?

When you just put your finger on the Sanwa it will respond, but with the Seimitsu you will have to press the button at least half way down for it to respond.
I sometimes lay my fingertips right over the buttons and would accidentally hit the Sanwa buttons, so I tried Seimitsu and found it to better suit me.
The Sanwas help more with E.Hondas and Chun Li fast tapping attacks.

Hi Canto

of courswe I read the FAQ before asking this question.

In theory I think I’ll prefer the Seimitsu buttons, I like a little bit of feedback from my buttons.
I’m a tekken player, so no button mashing whatsoever required. And I think the Seimutsu buttons would also come in handy with EWGF’s or Just frame moves.

But what good is it, if all the japanese arcades use Sanwa buttons, and you have to adjust to new buttons everytime you go to the arcades? That’s the main selling point for Sanwa’s for me.

I have 2 sticks, Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons each. After playing with the Seimitsu buttons most of the time, I sometimes use the Sanwa stick. I have no troubles switching between both. Just gotta keep my fingers higher lol. You feel the difference but overall it won’t bother you.