HRAP 3 joystick input not recognized (Windows 7)

Hi folks,

Having an issue where although my PC recognizes my HRAP 3 as the default game controller, and I can verify that it recognizes my joystick input in the device manager, joystick input is not recognized in-game. Instead, the keyboard arrow keys are recognized for directional input. Incidentally, the game does recognize my button input from the joystick. The game I am playing is a shooter called Crimzon Clover. There is a settings screen in-game which lets me change my buttons around, but I can’t switch between joystick and arrow key directional input.

Is this a Windows 7 issue by any chance? Anyone have a fix for this?

I’d try using motioninjoy.

Game issue, not a hardware or OS issue.

Get JoyToKey or XPadder.

Trying to work with JoyToKey at the moment. Have assigned left, right, up and down to Arrow-LEFT, Right and so on, but directional input is still not recognized. If I press the arrow keys themselves however I can navigate menus. Any ideas?

Also tried connecting my HRAP EX-SE (360) and am getting the same results.

Do the arrow keys work out of the game when bound to the stick?

If they do then it’s the game.

I still think you should try using Motionin.

use xpadder its a little simpler also mack sure in joy to key you map the hat and analog points to directions(Im not sure if you can with joy2key but xpadder you can) Good luck you can pm me if you want

Yes, the keys do work out of game.

I will try messing around with Motionin. But when I opened it up, I didn’t see an HRAP3 profile, it seemed to be all pad controllers.

Does the problem have something do with Windows recognizing the Hori joysticks as a HAT switch?

If the input is detected as HAT, then even if I map arrow keys to the joystick in JoytoKey, this doesn’t seem like it would have any effect. How do you force the joystick to be recognized as arrow key input at the OS level?

Maybe, it’s supposed to though, HAT = DPAD.

I was hoping motionin would detect the stick, you can make it emulate keyboard and even mouse movements.