Hrap 3 MOD question (I think I messed up)

I recently purchased an HRAP 3 for my Playstation 3.

I love this Stick, but I wanted to mod it up a bit, to help me reach a higher lvl of competition in MVC2 and SFIV

I purchased from

A set of: Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm Pushbutton (Threaded 30mm Japanese pushbutton with vertical microswitch. Includes mounting nut. The switch has .110" lugs)

A: Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top (Standard 35mm size ball top fits JLF-TP-8T and JLW-TM-8)

A: Sanwa Joystick Adapter (This apapter fits inside the LB-30N and LB-45 tops, allowing you to use them on a JLF series or JLW-TM-8 joystick)

and A: Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

now after re-reading the posts, it looks like the buttons i picked either Won’t fit at all, or are horrible quality for gaming?

can anyone with experience let me know, if I need to try and cancel this order?

They fit just fine if you really did want Seimitsu buttons. Most people on here will recommend the Sanwa buttons, I prefer the Seimitsu’s. The threaded 30 mm will fit in the HRAP 3 just fine and I love the feel of the Seimitsu’s over the Sanwa’s, so they’re definitely not horrible quality for games.

awesome thanks for putting my mind at ease man,

I chose them because I have always been a fan of concaved buttons, I tend to finger flick them and the ridge provdies me that ability, when exectuging certain moves. also they help me register ex cancels better: since they are a bit harder to press, so the moves come out more percise.

And from what Ive read the difference is only truly apparent to the masters, the rest of us I think just THINK we feel it.

I was mostly worried about the threading. So good to know they will fit.

Did I by the right restrictor?

It’s not apparent to just the masters. The Sanwa’s are really sensitive buttons and nothing is wrong with that, I just don’t like it because I like to rest my fingers over the button and playing with a friends TE stick with Sanwa’s I would have punches and kicks coming out by accident. The Seimitsu’s have that little bit of resistance to them and are a little bit more clicky. If you’re like me, you’re gonna love the Seimitsu’s.

Yes on the gate.

awesome… well while i have someone answering questions :slight_smile: and I don’t wanna start a new thread ( I hate forum cluttering )

I get an error trying to search the forums.

it says Requried to wait 29038423423 seconds between searches, lol thats a lot of time. am I doing something wrong ?

I believe that’s because it’s disabled because of the influx of users from SF4’s release.

Ahh Makes sense. Well thanks for all your help.

I only ordered 6 buttons, I’m gonna leave the other two orange, and different type, since I don’t use them. Eventually I’m gonna get some covers and just take them off, any idea where I can buy those covers?

they’re called buttons plugs

Lizard lick sells the hole plugs.

I actually left mine on because on games like SF 4 it allows you to map PPP or KKK to L2 and R2 and I have those 2 buttons set like that. You can also set them up for LP + LK or MP + MK, I don’t know why you would though it’s easy to hit two buttons. I find it helpful when playing online to have a PPP and KKK because of the stupid input lag, I swear I press PPP with my 3 fingers and it wont register so I just tap the shit out of the fourth button and I’ll know it comes out.

Yeah I ordered a set of sanwa whites for the last two buttons, I want them the same color but to look different.

kinda like saying, I don’t need you, but I’ll keep you around just incase lol.

found my answer guys never mind

out of topic
just wondering, where did you purchase your hrap3 ? and how much did it cost you ?