HRAP 3 Or Hori SCV Stick

First off im new here so idk if this was posted in the correct category, Second i need help to pick a stick out of these 2. SCV is 99$ on das cheap and HRAP is 104$ please help me pick

And Another thing, Is dascheap safe? can some of you share your experience with them?

Wrong section indeed and you’ll be frowned upon posting it in the right section since there are many threads on this already. Out of those choices on dascheap, The Hori SCV is the preferred stick since it’s all sanwa, unlike that particular HRAP. It’s also a newer design and cheaper.

Bro, That guide has been read by me several times but is no help to me at all. Infact it is very out dated and most of this sticks listed are rare to find

That doesn’t mean you should create your own thread. There’s a reason its stickied you know.

So because the stickied thread exists i can’t create my own to seek help on a topic not covered in said thread

Considering that there is ongoing discussion in that thread and that people do post in that thread to ask, I’d say yes.

In any case, you didn’t even post in the correct section.

Wrong section and it’s a topic that’s been covered many times as D3v said. Next time read before posting.