HRAP 3 OR Virtua Stick

I Recently got a PS3 and have been looking for ways to play VF5 on a stick but i cant seem to find a builder and so far the converter im using doesn’t work that well so im asking all that are out there which on should i get

the HORI or the Virtua stick they released along side with VF

If you’re playing VF5 only, the Virtua Stick High Grade is a good choice…

If you’re going to be playing Tekken 5: DR and playing with the stick on your PC for MAME etc… go with the HRAP3.

I have both. For me, HRAP 3 is my favorite because of the positioning of the buttons (and it was my first arcade stick I ever bought). However, for VF5, I never actually played it in the arcade, but I believe you could remap the buttons so that it fits the arcade layout better because of the way the buttons on VF5 stick are.

If youre just looking to play VF5, go with VF stick, otherwise, go with HRAP3.

HRAP 3 and mod it with Sanwa buttons. It takes like 10 minutes to swap out the buttons on a HRAP. I would recommend the Virtua Stick High Grade, but it has problems with registering 3 or more buttons presses at once.

If you already have a PS2 stick just get the pelican converter and use that.

i did that but i doesn’t always work i have a DS in my stick to