Hrap 3 quality?

i was wonder how good this stick is, thus i need opinions before buying it, and should i get the warranty for it too?

Wrong type of feedback. :lol: This is only for people who buy and sell. You should try the Tech forums.

In my opinion, it is the worst of the HRAPs out there. The vinyl on the faceplate is just awful as it has visible bubbles coming through it and the fake carbon fiber look is done poorly. If you can bear with that, it is a good stick. You could always remove it and put your own custom vinyl or paint it. Another downfall for some, is due to the turbo and home button placement, you can not put an LS-32-01 in them.

decent for the money. I have a hrap2 and I love it.

I got my HRAP 3 on Friday (2 nights ago), and have put about 16 hours of play with it so far. It feels extremely well built - good weight, sturdy, and generally feeling like a quality piece of hardware.

But yes the face-plate’s cover is bubbling already… not to worry though, apart from looks a little crap there are no other implications. I plan to replace it with a custom sprayed surface anyway.

The Hori buttons are awful, however. Truly craptacular. Make sure you order yourself some Sanwa or Seimitsu replacement buttons.