HRAP 3 SA Dual Mod

How would I dual mod a HRAP 3 SA for the PS3 to the 360? Also a simple PS3 to 360 converter would be nice as well.

You add a Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller PCB is all.
Mad Catz #4716 or Mad Catz FightPad would be best.

Then for Console switching, use a DPDT Switch to control the USB Data Lines.
Or get an Imp to do it.

All the links you need, I hope.
OzHadou • View topic - Dual modding a Hrap3 for ps3 and x360 (lots of images)

Alright I decided to get off my lazy ass and mod my stick since I couldn’t find a good PS3 to 360 adapter. Now is there any video tutorials? I’m not sure what a PCB or DPDT is, but I think I can figure it out.