HRAP 3 SA-KAI: Adjusting stick stiffness?

I’ve recently bought a Hori RAP 3 sa kai for ps3 to use with SSF4, and it seems to me that the stock sanwa stick is really “loose” for lack of a better word ? I find it a bit too sensitive basically (I find myself jumping forward instead of grabbing with Zangief at the end of a 360).
I’ve read that the Seimitsu LS32 is a stiffer stick or that you can add springs to the Sanwa stick, but how difficult is that to do What would you guys recommend (beside much needed improvements in SF skills haha)?

Much appreciated, thanks!

seimitsu is even more sensitive than sanwa, resulting in even more accidently jumps and diagonals.
Stick with the sanwa, it is the standard, everyone, including the pros are playing with it. U just need more time to get used to it. I tried a lot of sticks , sanwa, seimitu ls 32, 56, Il competition sticks, as well as buttons. I always went back and now stick to the standard sanwa stick and buttons, so you can play with each standard arcade setup and other guys sticks and you are playing under the same conditions as everyone (including the pros).

AAh thanks for the warning, definitely do not want anything more sensitive :slight_smile:

The Seimitsu has a ‘tighter’ feel to it, a more mechanical click feel associated with it, and shorter throws. I wouldn’t call it more sensitive, but the throws are definitely shorter, which takes a bit of time to get used to. Overall, I greatly prefer the LS-32 for fighting games over the Sanwa JLF.

Difficulty of installation depends on the case. It doesn’t require much more than basic hand tools and mechanical skill.