HRAP 3 SA modding issue



I have modded HRAP SA with siemitsu L32-01 and PS-14-KN screw ins. Although most of it was easy, I was surprised the issues that came up.

The siemitsu joystick shaft has dropped little bit, the joystick has become shorter. When I play now the shaft hits the hole and its makes a dong noise.

Also the low punch (jab) button screw is not fitting because joystick comes in the way

Has anyone come across this? Please provide any links/pictures or video if there is a solution.

I will post pictures of what it looks like when i reach home today.




I’ve never had that issue with the LS-32-01 in HRAP 3 SA or SE models. The 3-2-01 comes with a curved SS Mounting Plate that shifts the joystick base up a bit so that the shaft height is approximately the same as the JLF. That SS Mounting Plate is key. The LS-32 series has a naturally shorter shaft height than the JLF. If you don’t have the SS Plate installed properly with the SS Plate against the faceplate then the LS-32 shaft will seem way too short.

Sounds like you didn’t install the joystick properly. The existing screws and washers that came with the original JLF SHOULD fit the the LS-32 SS Mounting Plate. The LS-32-01 just has to be rotated 90-degrees so that that the top of the SS plate hits the underside of the faceplate. You DID install that LS-32-01 in the right mounting spot?? It can’t be installed where the JLF was because of the shaft height and mount plate differences. The -32-01 has to be rotated 90-degrees from the JLF mount area to fit in correctly; it’s easiest to install the -32-01 with the restrictor gates and microswitch PCB screwed off. You simply can’t reach the screws on the SS Mounting Plate to tighten them otherwise.

Buttons should be fine, too. All the 30mms from the Japanese vendors should fit with no issues. The LS-32-01 should definitely NOT be hitting the joystick shaft hole.


Here is a pic before modding. I will provide some pictures of what i have done, when i reach home tonight. That 90 degrees turn is done. The joystick works fine, only that shaft is short. If you see the bottom right button (jab upside down) is very close. I am trying to insert the screw ins, the button goes in but cannot tight the screw.


take a flathead screwdriver to that corner and lift it just enough to get the nut in there… then screw down the pushbutton from the other end. you can make a paper washer and place it under the nut so when you screw down the pushbutton from the otherside it stays tight when your done.


Do you have any pics of one properly done?


Yeah, I can take off the faceplate and post a pic but it won’t be right away. Probably at least 2 hours…

Got some other stuff to do first.

But I’ll get to it tonight by 9 PM EST for you…

It’s really not that hard. What I do remember is that for some reason my 3SA had a stubborn mount. Some screws were hard to put in and I had to use a power drill to screw them back on. I screwed two on a bit too tight but loosened them a bit with the same drill. Seems like using the drill might have redrilled the mount holes giving me a problem! It actually fixed those hole threads and it’s MUCH easier now to screw on/off the LS-32-01.

Oddly enough, this is the only HRAP I can think that give me such a problem! All the other Hori HRAP sticks I have never had such an issue with installing the LS-32.

The tolerances on my copy of the HRAP 3SA were way too tight. It’s an American production model (made in the same factory(ies) as the original Japanese release) that I bought last year from Arcade Shock well before the Christmas season.

Sometimes it’s your luck of the draw. One of my Arcana Heart2 sticks also had an issue with a thread hole in the joystick mount and one of the the cheap zinc screws holding the JLF on broke when I removed the JLF to dual-spring mod it! I had to go to Home Depot and search out the hardware aisle but was lucky to find an identical screw made of higher-quality metal…