HRAP Arcana Heart Edition

Anyone have one of these and know if its possible to stick a LS32 in them?

Not without modifying the Mounting Bracket.
Seimitsu LS-32(-01) will not just pop in.
Same with Seimitsu LS-40(-01).

No modify Mounting Bracket?
Then try this:

You can put in Seimitsu LS-33 too.
Can put in Seimitsu LS-55(-01) also.

But for those Joysticks, you have to replace default Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate with Seimitsu VF Mounting Plate.

The Seimitsu LS-56(-01) comes default with VF Mounting Plate.
So you can use that Joystick also.

I tell you this.
I don’t know if can mount with Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate.

It works on mounting brackets that have JLF using Mounting Plate.
But HRAP Arcana Heart, like HRAP 3 and some other HRAP, do not use JLF that has Mounting Plate; Mounting Bracket is different.

I do know for sure Seimitsu VF Mounting Plate work on these weird Mounting Bracket.
Seimitsu VF Mounting Plate will not work on “normal” Mounting Bracket, but Seimitsu MS Mounting Bracket will.

I just don’t know if Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate will work with these weird Mounting Bracket.
Probably can, looks like so to me.

If you have a Sanwa JLF-P-1 (Flat Mounting Plate), and it is able to mount to these kind of Mounting Bracket, then Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate work also.

Thanks for the reply. I guess its not worth getting if I can’t put an LS32-01 in there without a lot of work.

Is the mounting plate a lot of work?